Scanning + Screentone tutorial

I figured I would post this here for all of you aspiring manga artists out there who look at screentones and think "wtf is this?????"

Unfortunately I can not post it here due to the image limits per post
Clicky here for the tutorial in one part on mangamag

and 2 parts on Tumblr.

As for pre-made tones (if you don't want to use my method)

Shilin from Deviantart / tumblr was kind enough to upload her collection here

And This guy here has had a giant resource of HQ screentone scans running for a good number of years. His site is where I went to when I was beginning and didn't know how to make my own.

I should also note, just incase, DPI is basically the size in which they scan. 300 DPI is considered minimum for printing, so if you ever plan on printing your manga I reccommend working atleast at that. I should also note, increasing the amount of pixels your image is will not change the DPI.
Also if you right click->save an image off of the internet it will be at 72 DPI... so if you plan on using an internet image for print, you'd be better off downloading it.
And I only give this snippit of information because most of these images are scanned in at 300 - 600 DPI, and would need major resizing if youre using anything less. lol

if you have any questions feel free to ask!