This is A comic that is being made by another friend and me well how should I put this it's also a comedy but this has more to do with sonic, mario, Black Butler, Black Cat and more but it's random but then later we get into a story. So this is for me and my friend but for others to enjoy the comic. This will Explain the characters in it including me and my friend

Random Rivals 3!

... Is finally done.
Here's a link:

Profile: A.J.

A.J. (For the sake of identity we're only using his first two initials)
Elizabeth's younger brother
Age: 12
Height: 4'9" (almost 5" I'm not sure)
Likes: Chocolate, Technology, Science, video games, food
Hates: Too much work, Getting annoyed, Spiders.
Friends: The titans, Sandra, Elizabeth, Brittney, Cyno, Shirudo
After we beat the other twelve rivals, we find out that my brother (of all people) was the head honcho of all the rivals and wanted Random Rivals to end. He even stole one of my strongest characters to obliterate him. We stop him and he eventually joins us as our Tech expert.

Profile: Fumiko the Hedgheog

Shirudo's Twin Sister
Likes: Music, Video Games, Weapons
Dislikes: Death seekers (people who kill innocent lives), Being bored
Favorite Colors: White, Black, and Red
Ability: Musical Assassin
Friends: Sandra, Brittney, Shirudo, Cyno (Doesn't get along quite well though)
We met Fumiko after we escaped from the Shadow World. She had been "killed" by the Shadow Queen to force Shirudo into joining her army. But after the events it is revealed that she is alive by Shirudo's rival (the armadillo, Tenshi doesn't remember his name. She is kind and caring but also, like her brother. Is an excellent fighter.

More Information

In R.R 1 the whole thing is just me and Alina(ACL Production) she and I well were talking and I decided to make a comic with her since she told me she never made one before, so I decided in our junior year "You and me are Rivals from then on but real good friends though" I meant it...from then on the first issue of Random Rivals was created....with Mario and Dark (DN Angel)are one of the guest people we added in our comics...also Link(legend of Zelda), Sesshomaru(Inyuyasha)and more...
Random Rivals 2: was basic on the whole Mario, Luigi, Sebastian, Train and Dark being a part of the crew...officially....and we do give credit to the creators of them so *bows* and we use a few others like Ed (FMA), Inuyasha, Itachi, and also Shadow the Hedgehog. We just also do random fighting in there too.
Random Rivals 3: well as I said before Alina left and took the journal along with her it was a battle against the Shadow Queen.....T.T I got turned into a shadow... But it was in both Random Rivals 2 and onto 3 where it is completed and be shown in ACL Productions so be sure to check in her comics.
Random Rivals 4: this is a aftermath of what could of happen in Random Rivals...I started this one with Elizabeth, she also draws so... I created it with her where she added a few of her own creations...Like Shirudo the Hedgehog, his twin sister and a Armadillo (I for got his name) It was amazing to create with her since we added so much more into it and also losing trust in Our old comm-rads like Sebastian, Mario, Dark and Train Heartnet...but we made a truce to work together and escape the world of the Shadow Queen...Except there is a problem...we need to find a door that could be anywhere since portals appear to be appearing around which also contain a few Shadow Queen Followers, I also get a wolf which I name Pyro but in finding door I get sucked into one of the portals where I get seperated from Elizabeth, Amber (friend), my wolf and Solar (soul)but we get reunited after a while and end up fighting more Shadows but also escape from the place of the Queen only leaving behind Solar who said she could find a different way out of the place. As we Got out we found Malaika, Sarah(Barbie), and other frineds who join the fight (in R.R 3)
Random Rivals 5: Fighting and Summoning .. I don't mean I summon up monsters no I mean bringing our Art to Life.
Basically we will pick out our best art work (mine being Zuzu) and we will make them face off against other creations from some Random Rivals that want to put an end to random Rivals...That'll be in R.R 5 which is now complete as well...All I have to say is this is really epic especially when someone ends up loosing something and other people end up hurt...But in all we defeat our enemies and their leader.
Random Rivals 6 is a be continue....

Profile: Shirudo the Hedgehog

Shirudo the Hedgehog
Elizabeth's Mentor
Likes: Music, Swords,
Favorite Colors: White, Black, Blue
Ability: Umbrakinetic
Friends: Sandra, Elizabeth, Brittney, Cyno the Hedgehog
We met Shirudo durring our escape from the Shadow World. He was revaled to have been forced to work for the Shadow queen after his sister was "killed" and his home destroyed. He is known for his abilities to control shadows but his control is different from Pyro's. He is loyal and protective of his friends. If any of his friends are hurt or injured he has been known to go as far as plotting revenge. This is due to guilt from almost losing his sister. He has been known to hold small grudges but eventually lets them go.