hey well i guess you know me i mean everyone knows me but sometimes not by what i am well anyway this is my world have fun read and listen to music i might post some pics but idk yet well see yah and don't be strangers

why do i keep coming back?

Why do i keep coming back every time i come back its always something new to add to my pathetic life on this cold world. Im tired of always getting my hopes up of being told that i need to change but when i do i always end up deeper into depression i get it im not worth the trouble or the effort.. and maybe i should just leave the site for a year or longer not that anyone would notice im easy to forget about im a nobody hence why i keep to myself if i was really worth it if i should stay then someone would try to stop me or prove to me that its worth it instead of telling me every flaw i have and not listen to the problems i have had in the past and not looking at their flaws instead of constantly pointing at me. If people really want me to stay and come back on more than comment telling me why i should if not than i guess ill see everyone in a year or less depending on how i feel...

having trouble with chat?

so yeah im having trouble with chat it says that it can't authenticate me? what is that all about?

KONY 2012


new picture of me haha