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Happy Halloween?

Hello, I'm so sorry I haven't been here like, at all. My photoshop died awhile ago so all of my brushes/fonts/textures are all out the window... but... now I have to start from scratch. Sadly. But I'll do it! Eventually! I'm hopefully getting a new laptop soon so I can spam that with all of my worthless junk. :/

Thank you to all for the Happy Halloween & Birthday wishes! Convenient having a birthday on Halloween, no? :) Hopefully more attendance in the future! Maybe a new wallpaper today? I don't know, I'm feeling frisky today :)



I know from experience that you should check to make sure your work isn't being stolen every now and again... so that's what I did today, I checked and I found someplace that was stealing my work... AND I CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! LOOK AT THE WEBSITE IT'S ON.


See my dilemma? >.< If you look, down near the middle of the page there's a link to something labeled: ClairInWonderland.jpg... and here's what you get when you click on this sonava...




They removed my bloody name, added their own, and ruined my card. One of my BEST. CARDS. Anyone speak whatever the hell that language is? Because I'd like to be able to report this piece of s--- to the website. I don't want to see this ANYMORE. And actually, they messed with Puppet Mistress' wallpaper as well:


There aren't any more that I saw from anyone else :/ But I'm not happy with this. Not at all. -sighs-

Trying Something Different...


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Second Feature?

Well... this is quite... perplexing as well as a huge confidence builder! I haven't even been on this site for a month... and I've been featured, not once... but TWICE. I was surprised... BOTH times to tell you the truth. I didn't think my cards were going to be noticed for awhile... but thanks to the feature fandom... My cards have a red bulls-eye on them now it seems... and it feels really great <3

First Feature:
External Image

Second Feature:
External Image

Both of these, I didn't really think much about. The DuRaRaRa! card had an original quote, by me, on it... and the Prince of Tennis card had an overly used quote on it from John Lennon (spelling?) and I thought people would think it was cheesy or something! I'm glad they didn't... (at least I don't think they did ;_;) and I'm still shocked they made it to feature... glad... but shocked x__x

Date: 10-14-10
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