Art Meme! :D

Lol, I was unknowingly tagged by Toyotami-kun into doing this. Anyways, here I go!


1. When did you get into art?

I started getting into art at about age five. I was inspired by my Hello Kitty dragon toothbrush, lol. When I was little I always thought the asian dragon on my toothbrush was the coolest thing, so, I decided to draw it one day and I have been drawing ever since. Then, I started to get more serious about age twelve.

2. What art-related sites have you ever signed up for?

theotaku, and that's about it. XD I would only ever sign up for virtual pet sites, but I am thinking about Deviant-art though.

3. Show us your oldest piece of art you have on hand.

Technically this isn't my oldest piece, but it was one of the oldest I could find. I drew this dragon when I was maybe ten years old?

External Image

4. What defines your artistic style?

Well, when I draw I try to put a lot of detail into it and I noticed that I tend to draw wrinkles in clothing a little differently than most people as well. I have a specific eye style that is similar to the Legend of Zelda eyes as well. Overall, lots of detail and fantasy.

5. Do you practice other styles/have you tried other styles in the past?

I have always drawn in an anime-like style but I have tried realism before in an art class. Realistic self-portraits was what I was mainly assigned in that art class but other than that I have only really drawn in a anime/manga style.

6. What levels of artistic education have you had?

Two art classes and that's it besides a few online tutorials and tons of art books. I am pretty much self-taught.

7. Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site.

I sketched this last weekend and decided to ink it for brushpen practice a few days ago.

8. What is your favourite piece that you have done?

At the moment, I would have to say this one.

9. What is your least favourite piece that you have done?

I actually have many more than just one but here is a pretty bad artwork from about a year ago. I had to make the pic pretty dark so you could see the sketch.

External Image

10. What do you like most about your art?

How different each piece is from each other. Every time I draw something, it is always unique compared the other artworks in my sketchbook.

11. What do you like least about your art?

How hard it is to keep the style consistent when I draw. Also, the detail. I love how the detail looks when its done, but it takes forever to finish!

12. Have you ever considered taking commissions?

Yes, I haven't taken requests online before but I probably sometime soon. On the occasion though, I'll draw requests for family members or friends.

13. Are you looking to pursue a career in art?

Absolutely! I want to follow my passion! So, I am working hard to keep up good grades and to have fun when drawing. :D

14. What do you like drawing the most?

Overall, it is a tie between drawing people and animals. Specific favorites are dragons, cats, simple city-scapes, OCs, headshots, ninjas, etc.

15. What do you like drawing the least?

Cars, detailed and complex cityscapes, furniture, detailed backgrounds, etc.

16. Do you draw more fanart or original art? If fanart, what fandom do you draw the most of?

I mostly draw original art but on the occasion I will draw Legend of Zelda or Pokemon fanart.

17. What would you absolutely refuse to draw?

Nudes. No more information needed.

18. What is your purpose for drawing?

To create something that expresses the self and to enjoy the process of drawing.

19. What medium/program do you use the most in your art?

Pencils, pens and colored pencils.

20. How would you rank your art? (poor, mediocre, good, etc.)

Mediocre? I don't know?

21. Do you believe there is such thing as “bad art?”

Yes and no. It just depends on what type of art we are talking about.

22. List at least one of your “artspirations.”

Moonlit dream
snow fox

Just to name a few. To anyone who has been listed above, I am always thoroughly inspired by your artwork! :D

23. What do you think you could stand to improve on?

Honestly, everything. O-O

24. Do you have a shameful art past? (recolour sprite comics, tracing art, etc.)

Honestly, yes. When I was seven, I would trace horse and cat drawings all the time from artbooks.

25. Draw a picture!

Decided to draw a doodle of a random character. :)

External Image