naruto your a looser

okay so he isn't my fav. character but i can't just pick 1 because i'm way too into this so here's my list.

1. your loud and obnoxious (Seriously man shut the F**K UP!)

2. your power only spikes when your angry. (that's a great message to the younger viewers, "Hey kids if your mad about something or at someone go out and just beat the Hell outta them.")

3. your totally clueless! (Naruto: hey hinata why are staring at me? Hinata: *faints* Naruto: that makes no sense.)

4. your totally obsessed with sasuke. (Naruto: Sasuke come back to the village. sauske i'll drag you back myself if i half to! sasuke sasuke sasuke) seriously shut up!

5. you've got a demon inside you, yet you're too stupid to learn to controll it. (Naruto: hey can i have some of your power to stop the bad guys? Kyubi: No! Naruto: dang!)

6. you refuse to get help, even when you need it. (Hinata: Naruto you're whole left arm is missing! Naruto: don't worry it's just a flesh wound)

7. you can't do anything right. (Naruto: can so! Random guy: you messed up my whole shop! I hope you can pay for this! Naruto: umm... gotta go!)

8. when in kyubi form you practically kill anything that moves! (KyubiNaruto: Grrrrrooowwwllll!!! Villagers: GAH! *Dies instantly*)

9. you try soo hard and still your rank never increases. (Naruto: Does too! Proctor: you're still Genien no rank ups for you!)

10. you still don't realise your true rank even though it's not official! (Naruto: what rank? ME: Jr. Sannien cause you were trained by a sannine. Naruto: oh yea.)