Final Fantasy: Chakara Chaos P.4

As I followed anxiously, I worried this would have something to do with Sephiroth. But I was sure.....he was dead. But at least that's what I've heard. Then what were his three fanboys doing here. What do they want with the Ninja World? Did they want to finish what Sephiroth had started? I guess that's what we were about to find out.

So I looked up ahead to see Christi, Tsunade and Shizune taking the lead. Christi seemed like she was going to blow up at any moment. I would've went ahead to talk to her, maybe to calm her down but she was running so fast.

"This must be really bad..." I thought. But I continued because I knew my frineds needed my help.

I looked to my right to notice Gaara watching me.

"I'll protect you, I promise." He said quietly.

"Gaara..." I nodded, "Thank you but I can protect myself."

Gaara closed his eyes and continued, almost ignoring me. I frowned, hoping I didn't hurt his feelings (yes he does have them).

Suddenly the group came to a stop.

"Did we find those punks???" I heard Naruto ask loudly from my left.

"Grrr......Darn it!!!" Christi's voice echoed through the trees.

"Christi. It's ok. We'll get 'em." Annie reasured her. Christi groaned still as ticked off as ever.

"Hmm...." Tsunade began to call out to Annie, Christi, Lynda, Umi, Koche and I, "You guys! C'mere and tell me something. What's this?" She pointed a little more ahead of us.

Up ahead, was a large, glowing, vortex-like thing. Once I skipped up in front of the crowd,I saw it more clearly. And as soon as we looked at each other and back at the swirling mass of color, we knew what it was immediatly. A portal.

"Well...?" Tsunade reacted to our expressions. At that, we all suddenly looked over at Annie as if to point at her.

"Wha- eh-" She studdered, realizing the attention she was getting, "Darn...Fine." Finally, she stepped closer to Tsunade to whisper the situation privately.

Once Annie was finished explaining, Tsunade stared at us all with a very straight face.

"Hm....Right. I see how we have to do this." She stated.

"Huh?" Everyone said simutainiusly.

"Yup. This is the plan.........."


Final Fantasy: Chakara Chaos P.3

It was Shizune who was at the door. She was pale and she was panting. She looked at Tsunade as if she was shocked.

"What is it Shizune?" Tsunade asked concerned.

"There's a BIG problem at one the northern villages Lady Tsunade!" Shizune replied quickly.

Tsunade suddenly became serious.

So me, my sister, Lynda, Annie, Kakaashi and several other shinobi flew through the trees following Tsunade and Shizune.

"What do you think happened?" I asked Annie. She didnt answer.

Finally, we landed at the ridge of a valley. In the valley, was a burning village. Several people were screaming for help. It was terrible. Suddenly, Christi stepped foward and pointed at three distant figures near the enterance to the struggling village. I recognized them! It was the same three guys that worked with Sepheroth! But what did they want here now?

I could see that Christi was begining to get furious. I wanted to stop her but was too late. She had already leaped into the valley and began to chase the intruders. The last thing I heard her say was, "Its time to get rid of these guys once and for all!"

"Christi!" Annie cried after her. Then all of a sudden everyone in our group had joined the chase. o.o


Final Fantasy: Chakra Chaos (part two)

The three figures rushed through the forest, leaping from tree to tree. It was Annie, Christi and Lynda who flew through the leaves. They were off on their mission to infultrate a criminal hideout. But what Christi didn't know was that it wasn't a criminal hideout that was waiting for them in the Eastern parts of the Land of Fire, but a surprise party set in celebration of her joining the Village Hidden in the Leaves and well everyone could use the relaxion time anyway.

They hadn't said a word since they left the village untill: "Alright! So here's the plan," Annie ordered, "We stay together until we get to the hideout. And if we loose each other, DON'T STOP MOVING! Keep on your mission and don't change your route! You understand?" Lynda nodded her head.

"So let's go over this again!" Christi suggested, but when she looked behind her, she found that her teamates were gone. Christi looked around puzzled for a moment, but then came to her sences and continued her mission.

Soon Christi found a small shack in the distance, surrounded by trees. Without hesitation she made an enormous leap and crashed through the front door with ease. Shocked, Christi carefully scaned the house full of people. But they did not look like criminals and they weren't. In fact, the room was full of several of her closest friends.

"SURPRISE!!!!" Everyone shouted.

I was on my way to greet her when all of a sudden she zoomed past a crowd of people and stopped in front a table where a snoozing figure lay. It was Shikimaru....... He was laying face-flat on the table.....asleep..... or at least WAS asleep but now sat up with a jolt, startled to see Christi standing right over him.

Not a few moments later, I assumed Christi had begged Shikimaru to dance with her because she was now dragging him across the floor to the center of the room. I rolled my eyes and giggled silently. Suddenly, I was tapped on the shoulder so gently that I almost didn't notice it. I turned around to see the gentleman. I gaped at him for a moment but then shook my head in astonishment: "Gaara???" he then took me into his arms for a hug.

"Gaara," I repeated, " But- how- I thought you didn't want to come......"

He smiled at me then said: "I missed you too much."

Immediatly, my reaction was blush and look down. But his hand was then held out in front of me.

"Now, may I have this dance?" He proposed in a gentle voice. At first I thought this was a joke. Since when was Gaara such a gentleman??? And when did he ever learn how to dance??? I was surprised to see him still with a straight face. But I didn't want to be rude so I streched out my own hand and let him hold it. Then I had to ask: "You dance....?" He began to go red for a moment but then shook his head "no." I smiled at him hoping he wasn't too embarresed.

After a few minutes of dancing with Gaara, he put his face next to my ear and whispered: "I love you." I felt like I was in a dream.

Then I wondered how Christi and Shikimaru was doing so I turned my head to where I last saw her. She was sitting on a chair.......alone. Her face was swallowed in disappointment and maybe even sorrow. I frowned myself, hoping she would be alright.

But then my head lifted noticing another male figure walking towards my sister's direction. I knew right away from the big clan symbol on the back of his shirt and the form of his spiky hair, that it was indeed..........Sasuke. Typical him, I thought. First he stalks her the whole time she lives in Konoha and now he's bringing up the guts to ask her to dance with him?!!!

I couldn't help to giggle at the thought of Christi's reaction. I knew that at that very moment she would be outraged and probably attempt to throw her chair at him. He's lucky that he's quick and has the Sharingan, I thought.

Then, he took one more step and he was in front of her. She first looked up a little shocked but then glared at him. I knew she was ready to slap him if he got any closer to her, or even worse......touch her. I shook my head to escape the gory scene of what would happen to Sasuke if he DID touch her.

Now he was about to say something when all of a sudden, the door crashed open again.


Final Fantasy: Chakra Chaos

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Well this is a complicated topic to express indeed yet not complicated at all. Have you ever felt it though? It's like you wanna jump up and scream. Have you ever liked someone but knew you couldn't get anywhere near them? Well then, welcome to my world. But it doesnt matter anyway.....there's nothing you can do anyway! It's hard to keep that pain in's just the way it is right? It's ok. Who ever reads this, dont worry about me, I will always find SOMEWAY to get over this.....well...feeling.