Hello, welcome to this world of mine! Uh...I'm not sure what to make of this, but I guess I'll just update this along with my myO...^^"


My info:

Real name: Nikki

Where I live: Somewhere in North Carolina (sorry, thats all ur ever gonna know =D)

Fave. anime/manga: FMA, Fruits Basket, Death Note, D. Grey-Man, Vampire Knight, Blood+, Naruto, Bleach, Haruhi Suzumiya, the Miyazaki films, the Kingdom Hearts games, etc

Achievements: I can drive!! XD

Occupation: Being a lazy high school student XD

Haha, ok enough about my boring life^^"

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I havent updated here in a long time, or on my myO for that matter...i'll update that after i'm done with this *nods*

I've been ok, for the past 2 weeks or so i'd been really hyper and...happy, it was weird @[email protected] But for the past few days i've been feeling really bored and kind of mopey...even tho i've been acting like a total nutcase online (sorry about that everyone -_-")

lets see....i've been drawing a little lately...Lissa2: sorry i didnt make ur twilight contest on time, i'm still going to finish the pic tho and u'll get it as a gift instead (i'm drawing alice...her hair is fun to do XP) And i'm working on Ichi's neko contest as well, that one might be done by tonight, we'll see...Oh, if i've agreed to enter anyones contest and i forgot about it plz remind me...i forget easily -_-"

Turkey day was good this year, i stuffed my face for once >_> And i saw Twilight....it was so-so. I'm not going to say anything else cuz i dont want to ruin it for anyone...i tend to have a knack for ruining stuff...(sorry lin =_=)

wow this turned out to be long @[email protected] and its about to be longer, i got this from zero guardian's world:

DO THIS!!!!! ITS FUNNY!!!!!!!

Spell your name


Spell it backwards


Spell it with your Elbow:

nikki (wow i did it! O_O)

Spell it with your eyes shut

Niokki (.... ">_>)

Spell it with your forehead

hyujn8iiiuui (the hell??)

Your nose:

nikki (yay! XD)

Spell it with your chin

n kikkiik9 (... ._.')

Your tongue:

...yeah i'm not doing this part. I share this keyboard with 3 other ppl, who knows where their fingers have been?? >_>

Its funny when someone walks in the room while your slamming your head on the keyboard. So send this too all your friends and to the person that sent it to you. We want to see how you do!

haha that was fun XP and this is the end for real....have a good weekend ^_^

~Ja ne!

bye bye....T.T

just a quick update, i'm going to gatlinburg tennessee tomorrow until tuesday...idk if i'll be online when i get back tho, i'll be tired -_-

sorry for my lack of comments lately *bows*

~Ja ne!

quiz and 2 year anniversary

10:00-something p.m.

Hello my friends, how have u been?? ^_^ Forgive me for my lack of comments lately, i'm catching up on that now...but i thought i'd add a post becuz today is my 2 year anniversary here on theO X3 Honestly, idk y i'm bothering to post becuz nobody ever comments -_-, tho thats understandible. My life is boring >_>

ANYwho, Mr Blue Sky updated recently with these questions in his post, so ima answer them, here goes:

1. Do you have a job? nope, too lazy for one of those

2. How old are you? 16 (i'll be 17 on the 27th X3)

3. Do you have any tattoos? no

4. How about piercings? i had three ear piercings, but i let the third ones grow in cuz i was too lazy to take care of them, so now i have 2^^"

5. What do you study? idk, art maybe

6. Are you in school? yup, 11th grade

7. What's your dream job? idk

8. Do you believe in ghosts? No

9. Are you superstitious? No

10. What's your favorite hobby? drawing, watching tv, reading

11. What's your bad habit? for me to know and for u not to find out ^_^

12. What sport do you like? none, i hate sports >_>

13. What color is your room? white (with lotsa posters and art^^")

14. Do you like Jewelry? not really

15. What's your clothing style? jeans and a t-shirt, mostly dark colors *nods* but if u call me goth or emo i'll kick ur butt >.< lolz

16. Who is it that you admire most? nobody

17. What's an embarrassing thing that happened recently? Hmm...i'm not really sure, i cant think of anything at the moment

18. What's something most people don't know about you? my real first name. Some of my friends in rl dont even know it >_>


...hahahaha, now go forth and answer teh questions!! XD

~Ja ne!

lol Linden Rathan post for some reason

lol wow i've never posted on another person's site but chokolate hasn't updated in forever so i thought i would for her XP ummm in case you hadn't noticed she uploaded another art and it's the ummmm the lady from the magazine i suggest you go take a look if you haven't already it's awesome lol anywayz i reckon she be doing good lol i'm talking to her on a chat box right now and she seems alright and i take her at her word for it ^_^ oh yeah and if you hadn't already seen it she uploaded a pic of a faerie and such before the lady in the magazine anywayz go take a looksie if you like and i'm sure she enjoys the nice comments i know i do ^_^ anywayz ya'll all have a great day and great week until either she or i update for her again lol anywayz laterz for now

The mall, old friends, and a good old fashioned prank X3

7:00-something p.m.

If u've already seen this on my myO, dont worry about commenting (I just copied and pasted^^") lolz

Hello my friends, how r u? ^_^ I havent updated my world thingy in ages...o.o"

Hmm...not much has been going on lately...But yesterday I went to the mall with my sis, my aunt, my cousins Andrew and Jessica, and my bff Maggie XD It was really fun...and out of the blue I ran into my friends Jeremy and Josh (from the Phillidelphia trip), we said if only Elizabeth and Taylor would show up, it would be just like old times X3 I got Chibi Vampire vol. 5 while I was there (I spent money T_T I've been trying not to do that...)...So the mall trip was a nice one, exept the fried rice was pretty bad this time .__."

Heheheh, I think I was laughing in my sleep last night *evil grin* ...for those of u who have no clue what I'm talking about, dont worry about it...But those who do, I'm sorry *bows* but that was hillarious XD

...school starts next Monday, and open house is on Thursday -__-" I DONT WANNA GO BAAACK!!! T__T Somebody kill me plz...

~Ja ne!