Secret Santa Wishlist ()

I cant wait to see what you come up with Mr/Ms. Secret Santa :3

1. Anyone from Uta No Prince Sama!
2. DARK LINK! He is freaking AWESOME!
3. Anyone from the generation of miracles ( from Kuroko no basuke)
4. Yogi from Karneval!
6. Attack on Titan
7. Teen Spirit (its a Manhwa)

I also LOVE Dragons they are super duper cool!
I know this is short! Don’t judge meeeeeeeeee!
But the shorter the better because then you don’t have a harder time choose right? :D

Anything that anyone makes me I just know will be awesome and it will be saved to my phone and computer haha so it doesn’t matter if it is digital or traditional all is cool with me bro :3


for digital Iwallie stuff :D

1. Staz from blood Lad
2. Alice in wonderland
3. captain America
4. Attack on Titan
5. Black Butler
6. Durarara (preferably Celty but i like a lot of the characters
7. Teen Spirit (Manhwa: Korean Manga)