as the title says i am now writing a book!!!
my father sat me down on sunday and told me that since im so into anime/manga/cartoons/comic books that i should make something out of it. so he is teaching me how to be a good marketer and is teaching me the ropes of selling stuff so that when im older he said i could sell stuff at conventions and around the town i live in (anime stuff XD) and that since i am a pretty decent writer he said "since you call yourself a nerd why dont you write a book and have some friends do the drawings since drawing isnt your forte" haha i love my dad but yea so we talked for like an hour how i can combine American stuff with the Japanese anime/manga things and he told me to on TheOtaku to find my artist for the book because I AM AIMING TO BE PUBLISHED!!! the reson i wanted to share this on this world though is that if there are any artist that are interested in drawing for a book. (no writing involved only drawing) you can work with me we would discuss over email about book ideas and the direction the book would go XD i just thought maybe someone on this site would be interested and you dont have to draw everything we could have multiple drawing different things for this book XD

but yea i just wanted to share if anyone is interested please pm me then we can talk

<3 Audrey