Secret Santa [Wish List]


so i am in ItachiSasuke wallpaper secret Santa [and this is my wish list]

for anime and or manga

--ANYTHING and i mean ANYTHING from KUROSHITSUJI (preferably something to do with ciel but anything is fine)

[ --Kimi ni todoke
--Absolute boyfriend
--One Piece
--Jiu jiu
--Me and My Brothers ]

other stuff
--anything that has to do with fantasy things like fairy s, werewolves, nymphs, sirens XD anything along that cool stuff
--also anything that has to do with the spring you know like flowers and rain :3 thats some good stuff too

i hope that that works XD i could make a very large list but i dont want to get into that much detail so this will just have to be a list of my favorites at the moment.

<3 Audrey