next Kumoricon (2013)

haha so i know this is an early thing to start talking about but next year i am going to be going to kumoricon AGAIN!!! this year im going to get full out awesome costumes!! me a few friends plus my boyfriend are going together all dressed up in pure awesomness we are going to get everything done before the school year ends so that we can just not worry about not finishing it in time :P me, one of my friends and my boyfriend are going as Rei (me), Takashi (boyfriend), and saya (friend) from highschool of the dead its going to be EPIC!!! and thats just one of the costumes that im going to wear XD we are going to debate here soon on whether we should do blood or not, what i do know is since its hard to have a fake gun at conventions in just going to use the broom stick that she had XD

here is two pictures i found of Rei and Saya if you dont know who they are :3