Final Book Idea [getting started]

Jacob stood over the dead body, out of breath from the rush of adrenaline he just had. The victim was about 17 years of age, Jacob knew it was to early for her to go but she had cheated on him and then gotten pregnant on top of that. she was a harlot, a prostitute she didnt deserve to live. but he had loved her, cared for her, given her everything she wanted. the thought sickened him but it made him curious also. Why did the kill make him so happy, and pleasure in just taking ones life.
Jacob walked into the front doors of the school beginning his senior year. He got his locker number and combo along with his class schedule. He walked down the hall looking for his locker when he finally spotted it he smiled, this year might not be that bad since he was locker buddies with his best friend Timothy. Jacob walked quietly behind his friend suddenly grabbing him from behind.
"hey sexy."
"not now Jac."
"whats wrong Timmy? normally you would join in on my shenanigans"
"yea well everyone is pretty down today, not just me"
Jacob looked at everyone in the school, it was like a graveyard he had never seen the halls like this in the three years he had been going to this school.
"whats wrong with everyone?"
"they found Trixie's body in the forest today. i know you two broke up, but i was sure that you would of heard of this."
Jacob did know about her death in the forest, He was the first to know actually, but that was only because he put her there, Jacob looked back at his friend putting some half-assed tears on his face, "oh god no, not Trixie"
"yea dude im sorry"
"its fine i'll get over it with time" Jacob was already over it though.

Jacob's first day of school had started out great. No problems, no complications, it was all smooth sailing all day long.
"hey queer bag"
Scratch that, it just got bad. "what do you want Brad?"
Brad Radcliff, a spoiled brat, Prom king, everyone wants to be him. Dates cheerleaders, gets good grades. Only problem with him is that he is a total jack ass.
"I heard that when you broke up with Trixie it was because your a queer."
Jacob tensed up, he was panicking on the inside. He hadn't told anyone about that, not even timothy. Jacob calmed down.
"Who told you that?"
"It's just a rumor going around, but i think its true. I mean you will date a girl and then dump her immedietly, that shouts gay to me."
Jacob didn't know where Brad was going with this, Brad did the same things to girls too.
"You know you just called yourself gay, because you do the same things."
Brad thought for a moment. "Well.. Shut Up!"
"ooh great comeback Einstein"
"Shut it queeny!" Brad walked off but not before shoving Jacob into a locker.

Timothy was really tired. What was the point to going to school when you were a senior. All you did was listen to pointless crap about colleges, credits, and tuition. It didn't matter to him anyways, he was going to get a basketball scholarship. Then he would be all set for college.

Timothy and Jacob had seventh period history together. Once they sat down, and the class quieted down the teacher asked for our attention. "may i please introduce you to our new transfer student Gareth. he's from England. Please try and be nice to him."
Gareth sat down, he was a handsome looking man. Not at all like all those stereotypical Britons with their crooked teeth and homely looks.
Gareth had milk chocolate hair that was placed perfectly in every way, with hazel eyes that made you feel like you were melting.
Seventh period went by pretty smoothly and easily except for those moments of awkward eye contact between Jacob and Gareth.
The bell rang dismissing the students from school. Jacob ran to his car trying to beat the high school traffic. He got out barely in time.
He pulled up into his driveway happy to be home. When he walked into the house he was welcomed by the warm, rich smell of chocolate chip cookies. He walked into the kitchen to see his mother pulling the cookie sheet out of the oven, she was still in her work uniform.
His mother was in a doctor, nurse team with his father. Jacob got his blonde hair and fair skin from her.
"Im home."
"Hi sweety, how was school?"
"Boring, and pointless just like usual."
his mother looked at him apologetically "Im sorry hun, i wish i could go to school in your place or something just so that i could help."
Jacob's father walked into the kitchen from the living room. "Don't coddle the boy Eliza! hes a grown man for gods sake!"
His mother looked at her husband scared. His father wasnt a big man or anything, he was just intimidating at first glance. His father was a lean man made of muscle just like Jacob's older brother Hugo.
"Damian he's my baby boy i want to coddle him as long as i can." his mother started to tear up. "before he moves out and forgets all about his mother, who by the way carried you for nine months."
Jacob rolled his eyes "mom i wont forget you" his mother could be such a drama queen sometimes.

this is all i have at the time...i wrote it when i was at a Beck concert (that i went to today)

the category of writing is Victorian/teenage/horror/drama

it is all based off of a decendent of Jack the Ripper (he had kids o_o)

but if anyone has any ideas or something that i could write about that would be awesome!!