What If...

ok i write fan fics sometimes and they are fun to write you get to let your mind run wild.
i have one in my (Vizards World)

and my friend (Nirvana Donut) Has helped me so much with the writers block i had but i didnt post what she helped me with *sorry* i have been doing a lot of stuff lately but no matter what i always do my what ifs...
what i think about is.. what if this person had a sibling... or if i take some other charaters from another anime/manga and put it into another that i think would be fun..
these are the most common "what ifs" i do..
*Eyeshild 21
*Dogs(bullets and carnage)
*Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler)
*One Piece
those are just some that i like to have fun with
if there are any fan fics that you would like to see out of me (i will try my hardest) and write you a fan fic of your favorite anime/manga XD