This is a place were i can put my thoughts and dreams
and just some random stuff
i dont really care if people read it or not its just that i need somewhere to vent my feelings and i thought this would be the place to do that
i would be happy if people read this but i dont want to make anyone do anything so if you read this i hope you find my life and mind.... interesting if thats the right word to use

NAME- Audrey
GENDER- Female
AGE- 17
HAIR COLOR- Blonde (with red + bleached streaks)
EYE COLOR- Baby Blue
STYLE- im a punk but also a little bit of color here and there XD
FAV COLORS- Red, black, blue, and white
MUSIC- Anything really (if you want to test it send me a music video/link)
FAVORITE SPORT- Tennis, and footbal(not the soccer kind)
FAVORITE SHOWS (NOT ANIME)- Psych, The Office, Parks and Rec, and glee
FAVORITE *ANIME* SHOWS- Eyeshield 21, Nabari, Black Butler, Trigun, Hetalia, Whistle!, Crimson Hero, FMA, Kenichi, High School of the Dead, and some others

any question?? feel free to ask me in a PM or whatever XD


the reason i have been gone for so long is because i have been focusing on my cosplay and ive lost some of my artistic talent but im back and i want to get back and involved again in this amazing community!!!

Secret Santa Wishlist ()

I cant wait to see what you come up with Mr/Ms. Secret Santa :3

1. Anyone from Uta No Prince Sama!
2. DARK LINK! He is freaking AWESOME!
3. Anyone from the generation of miracles ( from Kuroko no basuke)
4. Yogi from Karneval!
6. Attack on Titan
7. Teen Spirit (its a Manhwa)

I also LOVE Dragons they are super duper cool!
I know this is short! Don’t judge meeeeeeeeee!
But the shorter the better because then you don’t have a harder time choose right? :D

Anything that anyone makes me I just know will be awesome and it will be saved to my phone and computer haha so it doesn’t matter if it is digital or traditional all is cool with me bro :3


for digital Iwallie stuff :D

1. Staz from blood Lad
2. Alice in wonderland
3. captain America
4. Attack on Titan
5. Black Butler
6. Durarara (preferably Celty but i like a lot of the characters
7. Teen Spirit (Manhwa: Korean Manga)

hows it going!?!

hey there friends!
i just wanted to have a quick check up and see how all of you are doing! hopefully it is good!

does anyone have a fun costume for Halloween? its one of my favorite holidays ever since i was little and its even more fun now that im a cosplayer! :3 if your reading this why don't you comment on what your thinking about for a Halloween costume! im interested in what you guys want to do! but if you dont know yet because its to early that's cool too. i know that feeling bro ^^

AoT Cosplay

sorry i havent posted lately i have been really busy lately with conventions and with school and with work but i have something uber cool to say!!!

so i got some exciting news. for my next anime convention i am going to be in a cosplaying group for Attack on Titan as Mikasa Ackerman!!

just last night i was invited to the group because i posted on my facebook that i wanted to be mikasa ackerman in a cosplay group!!!

im extremely pumped!! im starting to make my costume ASAP so that it can be done before hand im also making the 3D maneuver gear


does anyone else watch the anime FREE!? im loving it! and its amazing! im keeping up to date with every single episode!! its so much fun and the last episode (episode 3) had me laughin' pretty hard XD haha

if you watch FREE what do you think of it?