Pierce: Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I am Pierce--the OC to start all others! Koda's first--favorite, of course--child! *bows* I am so pleased to have you in my humble kingdom If you like, you may call me "King" or "Lord Pierce".
Why hasn't Koda interrupted my rant yet? Silly poppet; this isn't her realm. It's mine--

Kai: Ours, you mean.

Gavreel: Yes! Ours, idiot! That means all of us, too!! Don't forget me...

Xandre: Right. Even the ones like Gavreel and I, from Creator's lame fiction ideas have partial ownershp. *snorts, leaning back*

Amadeo: ...Or the the other rps Dakota does, like Sean-Sean and I.

Pierce: ...Yes. Whatever. But, as the FIRST, I think I matter a little mor--

Sean: Liar! Who the hell would like someone like you, you pompous asshole?! Why not someone more dignified? Who deserves to be King!

Amadeo: Yeah. And Sean could be my queen.

Sean: I meant ME, you stoic giant!

Ennis: Why fight 'bout this, mates? It don't matter wha' Koda thinks--she ain't here righ' now, is she? Yer bein' silly.

Pierce: And you're a killjoy who touches up on people's best friends, so you can shut up. This world is for all of us, so we can be silly if we damned want to, and I can post pictures and fictions about myself that I made Koda write WHENEVER I feel like, dammit!

Amadeo: Oh goody. Dakota help us all...

Kai and Ennis - Koda Should Wait Toil Morning To Write Fictions

Kai- Tap, tap tap... I froze, spinning around to check behind myself. Nothing. Nothing there. I glared into the silence, letting out a too-long sigh. I was so crazy. Good thing I knew it, o...

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My (Pierce's) CF Profile

Pierce: AUGH! Why did everyone else post their profiles before me?! Gods! Screw it--I hate all of you. Your Username: ChiyukiChan (Koda) Name: Pierce (After many failed attempts at constructing a last name, all of which eventually en...

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Uh...M' (Ennis's) Community Fusion Information?

Ennis: *jams hands in pockets* Uh...Here's m'profile, I guess...Dun' really know wha' it says...I ne'er read it...Soo...Here. Your Username: ChiyukiChan (Koda's the name ;D) Name: Ennis Nickname: En/En-Enn/Red Type of A...

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*grins* My (Kai's) Community Fusion Profile.

Kai: Jeez. He's my profile, stalkers. I know you wanted it, right? Your Username: ChiyukiChan -I go by Koda ;) Name: Kai Nickname: None, but you can try to give him one, if ya like. Type of Animal: Octopus What T...

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...(Amadeo's) DWMA Profile.

Amadeo: ...*shrug* Username: ChiyukiChan Name: Amadeo Meister or Weapon: Weapon Type of Meister or Weapon: A long, elegant, blade. Age: 18 Gender:Male Hair Style and Color: Sandy blonde an' shoulder...

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