+-Weekly Update 1-+

Weekly Update!

As promised, here is the first of many Weekly Updates to come! Welcome to all my new posters, and thank you for your contributions!! *round of applause* Hopefully this will be the beginning of lots of new reviews here! X3

--Now, There are a couple of things I would like everyone to notice from now on. Up there in the introduction...that's basically your main point of navigation. You can check out any review that's been posted here, and also, there are links to the UPDATES. Please make sure to check the weekly update, just in case I have something important to say. XD You'll have to rely on the Intro-Navigation...just in case someone posts reviews after I put up an update. ^^'

--Thanks to everyone who moved their reviews up. There's only two left. Eiri's and jkhkitty's. To move it, go to view the post, click modify post. On that page, click the box at the bottom that says to move the post to the top and notify subscribers of the update. If you have any trouble, just pm me and I'll walk you through it. :)

--I think that's about it. Except one last thing. PLEASE ADVERTISE!! ^^ Tell everyone you know about this world and help spread the word! After all, the more the merrier right??

Thanks for all your help!!