Alright! As you may have noticed, I have done a little work to this world. I changed the intro adding links to all the posted reviews as well as a neat little picture I made. ^^

What do you think?? Good? Bad??

--I have a favor to ask all my posters, if it's not too much trouble that is. ^^' Could you possibly click the modify buttons on your posts and click the option to move them to the top and notify users of the updates? I'd like the reviews to come before all the technical stuff I just posted. BUT like I said, If it's too much trouble, you really don't have to. ^^;;

--ALSO! I'm going to make an effort to post a new review every week, probably on Sundays. I may also post periodic updates. If you haven't posted because of confusion, or the lack of a format, check the intro for the link to the procedures page. I have added a base format that you can simply fill-in. OR if something's confusing you, please don't be afraid to ask questions! I'd be more than happy to help you out!!

--I'm also thinking of rewarding my contributers to this world. What would you all suggest I give in reward for contribution? Top Priority Requests perhaps?

Lastly--I'm sorry if you get tired of this notice. I will be moving it to the top every so often so that everyone can read it. ^^' Thank you for your patience.

And Thanks to everyone who's helped me out! **bows humbly** I appreciate it very much!! Help me to promote this world and fill it up with wonderful reviews!! ^o^