+-Procedures and Formats-+

Explanation of Procedures and Formats

Here are the procedures you'll follow when posting. It sounds confusing, but I'm actually pretty flexible. This is just so you have a general idea on what to do. Click FORMAT if you would like a set list of things to fill in. ^^

When posting a review, please title this way:
"Name of Title--Your Username"

--A Response or Addition Post:
Now, say someone has posted an anime/manga that you wanted to do, or perhaps that you feel they left something out, or spoke too biased. ((Please try to be objective, like don't focus on a single characters...because with all characters there will be lovers/haters, that would be under "discussion")) Then, you may create a RESPONSE POST! This is simple...just title it ""ADDITION TO Title--Your Username"" Or "In response to Title"--Your Username"

This is a Discussion group as well, not merely for suggesting things. Therefore, you are free to Discuss anything you like about any Anime/Manga. Title These posts "Discussion of Title--Username" Then, if you wish to respond to a certain Discussion, just title with "Response to Username's Discussion"