1. You may post whatever you like, but reviews should be objective.

2. Debating is great fun, I love it...but please...keep it reasonable. I don't want fighting or hating understand? Try to take other opinions into consideration, and just have fun. This also means no name-calling or thrashing...kay? Don't make me play the ref...I hate that.

3. Remember, I started this to help people broaden their horizons! So if you can, help out by commenting on reviews towards possible additions or improvements. Unless you want to post an addition for yourself. :)

4. I don't think I need to mention this...but keep it clean alright? There could be children in here...don't make them cry. XD

5. This really isn't a RULE...but try to find a nice image to include with your reviews. Or, if the title has more than one title which makes it difficult to find, then mention it too plz. :)