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Midnight Secretary - Karmira

Title: Midnight Secretary For readers ages 18+ Mangaka: Ohmi...

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Millenium Snow -- howayoru

Alternative Name :[B/] Sennen no Yuki; 一瞬間のロマンス; 千年の雪; Millenium Snow
Status : Ongoing
Author : Hatori Bisco

Summary : Seventeen-year-old Chiyuki Matsuoka has breathed hospital air for as long as she can remember. Having been born with a serious heart problem, doctors have more or less given up on her condition and told her that she might not be able to make it on the next winter. Knowing this, Chiyuki strive to live her life to the fullest but as she is confined to the hospital, her efforts were pretty useless.

One night, Chiyuki encounters a handsome man named Touya Kanou who is later revealed to be a vampire. As Touya is at the right age now, he is sent to the human world to look for his partner who will live with him for eternity. In order to seal their partnership, Touya must drink the blood of his partner and in return give him his own blood which has the power to make them both live for a thousands of years.

Knowing that there is a chance of living for a long time, Chiyuki insisted on being Touya's partner. However, for Touya, living a long life is horrific and he knows that sooner or later, his partner will get desperate over her infinite life. To watch numerous people die before you, it is enough to torture the soft-hearted vampire. It's up to Chiyuki to teach Touya the pleasure of life, even if her own soon wither away.

Opinion : The plot is really nice and the combination of the characters too!! its really sweet~! ^.^ but its a little sad that it is still ongoing (despite the beautiful artwork) and hatori-san might not have the chance to finish it anymore since he's busy with he's "Ouran High school host club" but I'm hoping that after Ouran High, he'll finish it too!! Its really interesting especially when it comes to Touya's decision about letting Chiyuki live a painful thousands of years or to let her die too early with her disease.

Recommendation : I recommend this to everyone!! most especially to those who enjoys reading a light-hearted-comedy with a-slice-of-drama-kind of romance!!

.."Hope Everyone Enjoys It Too"