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Midnight Secretary - Karmira

Title: Midnight Secretary For readers ages 18+ Mangaka: Ohmi...

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Slam Dunk--Heartstop

Name of Series: Slam Dunk

Alternate Names: (None, that I know of)

Episodes: 101 ( +3 or so back story episodes)

Volumes: 31 (Chapters 278 I think)

Author: Inoue Takehiko

Genre: anime, comedy, drama, school life, shounen, sports, romance(a little)

Plot Summary: Hanamichi Sakuragi is a delinquent who has never had any luck with girls. However, when he meets Haruko Akagi, he is sure that she's the one for him. Haruko is a big basketball fan and notices his potential as a basketball player (due to his immense height). Hoping to win her heart, Hanamichi earnestly tries out for the basketball team. Does this complete newbie have what it takes to even join the team?

My Summary: Firstly, I have to say the summary doesn't do justice to the actual anime/manga; it's way more interesting and awesome than it sounds. That's why I thought I would give a short summary of my own as well.

Hanamichi Sakuragi has never had luck with girls, on his 1st day of high school; gets dumped for the 50th time by a girl(who dumps him for a guy in the basketball team and that's where it gets interesting *evil laugh*). Depressed and feeling it's winter in/for his heart, while it's spring in the world, he is fueled with hatred not only towards basketball the game but the very term as well(You will get what I mean lol). When he meets Haruko, who catches his heart at first sight,he is overjoyed! She compliments his height and all and tells him he should join the basketball team--that he would be a great player! Now he declares he is a great/genius sportsman and will try out/join the basketball team for her. But! a mysterious super rookie in basketball has also joined this very same high school and has caught Haruko's attention! Now, not only does he have to win over Haruko's heart, he also has to out perform this super rookie! For someone who hated basketball a few moments ago and who has no experience in it at all , how will this all end? Will he get in or not? Will he make a fool of himself or turn out to be the world's greatest basketball genius? Read and find out!

Personal Opinion: I will be straight forward with you guys. This is the finest anime/manga I have ever watched and read. I absolutely loved it, I have watched/read about 80+ animes/mangas and I have yet to change my mind and I think I never will. It is simply superb; one minute you are as serious as hell and stuck to the screen in suspense and the next they do something so hilarious that it makes you fall off your chair and laugh so hard you can't breathe. Not to mention making you cry your eyes out(be you a girl or boy lol). No matter how much I like a new anime or manga, when I think back of Slam Dunk I think "No, nothing can beat that, I have to read/watch it again!". Many people watch the first few episodes and go: "this isn't for me", "it's boring" but please don't stop after the first two epsiodes, go further. I guarantee you will get addicted to it. You have my word that you will not regret watching/reading this.

Oh just wanted to mention, like me, if any of you go for the manga because the anime doesn't follow it exactly or isn't as good, don't worry one bit. Slam Dunk's anime is amazing and follows the manga to a T but please do watch it in subbed; the dubbed version is terrible, I have tried it. By the way, the chapter where the anime leaves off in the manga, I can't recall right now, just comment and ask me when you get there, and I will check and let you know right away.

Rating: 10/10 (No kidding)

External Image

I simply love its opening song as well, hope you enjoy it!

Link to download/watch the episodes(both links are present and don't read the description given there, it has spoilers): HERE
Link to manga volumes download: HERE
Link to read the manga online: HERE OR HERE

The place where I originally downloaded the anime from, seems to have been shutdown. I found this other website linked above which seems reliable to me. I will download a few episodes to make sure, it's subbed and of good quality. If I find a better website, I will be sure to link that as well. If anyone needs another website link to watch or read it online, just let me know and I will give it to you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Kare First Love ~ RedStars

Kare First Love

Title(s): Kare First Love (彼 first love)

Author: Kaho Miyasaka

Genre(s): Romance, Slice of life

Length 10 Volumes (57 Chapters + Special Chapter)

Plot: Karin is going to school by bus when she meets Kyriya, a cool guy that seems to be bullying her. At least that's what she thinks, since she never cared about boys. As they build a relationship, the encounter different obstacles and have to deal with different problems related to adolescence.

What I think about it: Those who know me also know that I'm not into romantic things. I prefer mysteries, thrillers, psychological things, action/dark manga. But STILL this is one of my favorite manga ever. 'Why?' you might ask. Well the answer is quite simple: Kare First Love is really sweet and it easily finds its way to your heart. Maybe it's a typical love story (as I stated earlier I'm not into this kind of stuff so I don't know) but the author gave it that magical touch that keeps you reading it. It starts off with an ordinary "The girl wearing glasses is being bullied by the coolest guy"/ "Choose between a boy and your best friend", but as the story goes on you're attracted more and more, until you become addicted to it. I recommend it from the bottom of my heart and I never thought I can recommend a romance manga.
What I liked about it the most is the fact that it shows some of the adolescence problems, for example the first love (it's quite obvious from the title) and the obstacles that come with it, including the realtionship with parents and friends. Therefore I'd mainly recommend it to teenagers, but I believe anyone can enjoy it.
Oh, not only the story, but the art is beautiful as well.

Links to online manga: Kare First Love on 9pannels ::: Kare First Love on mangareader



Title(s): LOST+BRAIN

Volumes/Chapters: 3 volumes / 27 chapters

Author: Yabuno Tsuduku

Artist: Ootani Akira

Genres: Mystery, Psychological

Plot: The world is rotten and boring, full of low level beings that waste their time on worthless actions. Someone needs to change this. The main character of "LOST+BRAIN" is Hiyama Ren, a very smart first year high school student (also the president of the student council), who believes everything is boring and no one is worth his time. His attitude irritates some of the 3rd year students, so they bully a student and blame Hiyama. Annoyed that this kind of people exist, he decides to change the world by himself. And he gets the chance to do so when a popular hypnotist visits their school. Hiyama chooses to use the hypnotism power to reconstruct the rotten world.

What I think about it: LOST+BRAIN is a Death Note without the... well... death note. As you could probably tell by reading the plot, Yagami Light and Ren Hiyama are two inteligent (even genius) guys who decide to change the world. Hypnotism is Hiyama's notebook, while on the other side, Itsuki Kuonji is to Hiyama what is L to Light in Death Note: the enemy, the wall that blocks the way to a new world.
I cannot not notice the similar character design in what concerns Hiyame's looks. Yes, I talked about Death Note and LOST+BRAIN at the same time, since I couldn't get my mind off DN while reading L+B.
But from my point of view, LOST+BRAIN is not Death Note rip-off, I consider it's worth reading.

Link to online manga: LOST+BRAIN on 9pannels | LOST+BRAIN on MangaFox

Miracle Train ~ RedStars


Title(s): Miracle Train ~Welcome to the Oedo Line~; Miracle Train - Ooedo Sen he Yokoso (ミラクル☆トレイン〜大江戸線へようこそ〜)

Genre(s): Slice of life, Fantasy

Number of episodes: 13

Plot: There is a rumor that there is a legendary train, in which only "lost" ladies have access. A lady in trouble gets in the train and after the doors close she realizes that the train is almost empty. in the Miracle Train she meets six guys, the personifications of the six Oedo Line train station, each with his own personality. Their mission is to help the ladies in trouble by finding a solution to their problems.

What I think about it: Honestly, at first I thought it's quite boring, but after two episodes I've realized that each lady has a different story to tell, which increases the variety of the "cases". Unlike other anime where you follow the characters and their evolution, this anime presents little parts of characters' lives that appear in only one episode. In Miracle Train the "main characters" are one by one in the spotlight, each of them having his own episode, his own lady to help, according to his personality.
At the Genres section I wrote both "slice of life" and "fantasy" because the ladies' problems are more or less part of a woman's life, but the train and the characters belong to the fantasy world.
Another thing that I found interesting is that they present a number of facts about the stations/cities in Japan. So you can learn something new about Japan as well.
If you like Ouran High School Host Club, you might like this one too. They are quite different, but they have one thing in common: six guys with different personalities wishing to help the ladies.

Opening: I really like the opening (click on the image for the opening, I couldn't find a YouTube video, so that's all I could do)