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Skyrim-- jkhkitty

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Title: The Elder Scrolls

Genre: Fantasy, action, adventure

Aproximate legnth: Incomplete, no estimate. this series will probably exist until gaming doesn't.

Plot Summary: ahh, but there isnt one. thats the beauty of it. There is no overall plot, hardly even in the individual games in the series. Each game is set in the same world, in a different country of that world and a different time. Each game comes with a "main questline" which is essentially one of the longer quests that starts you off. However, once through the tutorial, you are not limited by a single sausage. And there is almost no limit to what you can do. It's a free for all. Wanna kill the emperor? go right ahead. steal everything you can see? fine. Masacre a whole town? No problem. Or be a good person and dont do any of that? fine but im judging u. While you will face consequences for these actions (i.e. being thrown into jail, having the guards search for you) there is no prevention by a universal law in the game. There are many side quests (literally hundreds of them) and some of them are a good deal long, others are short. You just go and live as a person in this world, and what you do is what choose. No faries telling you "hey, listen!" and no missions from the government. Just you, doing as you please.

Personal Opinion: Ok honestly if you have never played an elder scrolls game before im seriously judging you bECAUSE HOW COULD YOU EVEN AVOID IT SKYRIM IS STILL GETTING MASSIVE HYPE AND IT CAME OUT LIKE TWO YEARS AGO GET A LIFe. I love this series. If it was a person I would marry it. Gender wouldnt be an issue, and im straighter than a tenticle monster (except when it comes to four minute i would be lesbian for four minute and skyrim if it where a person and a girl) it is more fun than most things i really suggest it. liek if u dont like it i dunno ill just prolly feel bad 4 u and ur sad life. thats all i have to say on this issue.

look its the skyrim trailer (if the graphics and soundtrack to convince im sorry but u need 2 go)

also cuz im nice heres the literal trailer (wow thank jane ur kool0