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Gintama--Support KIRA

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Title: Gintama

Alternate Names: Silver Soul

Author: Hideachi Sorachi

Length: Vol. 17(US) -- Ongoing

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science-Fiction

Plot Summary: Taking place in an alternate Edo, aliens have descended on Earth. Being called “Amanto” they have taken over a good deal of government, and blended themselves into the human race. Enter, Gintoki Sakata. A broke samurai who works doing ‘odd jobs’. He can really care less for the Amanto, well, about anything. Just as long as he gets his weekly parfait. Or maybe that’s all on the surface, after all, Gintoki was a key player in the war against the Amanto when they first descended. In the story you follow Gintoki’s random and whacky jobs, along with Kagura and Shinpachi, his partners in crime. You also get to meet many exciting and varying characters, from the Shinsengumi, to the Rebel Fighters, to crazy ninja.

Personal Opinion: Love love love it. This is a truly unique manga in the fact that, I LITERALLY do NOT know what is going to happen on the next page. That’s how random it is. And so funny! I have busted out in the middle of a dentist office waiting room in laughter. >///< Let’s just say, I no longer take my Gintama with me to wait. ^^; However, in all the randomness, there IS an underlying plot here. And that’s what’s so unique. Sorachi-sensei is able to effectively have a method to all his madness…and that’s just amazing. I really recommend it to anyone who likes to laugh, but I will warn you that some of the material is a bit mature. Not that it’s not appropriate for children, just they may not understand it. I’m sure you’ll find at least one character to connect with. Me, I love them all. ^^


fullmetal Alchemist-- jkhkitty

catagory: action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, magic, shounen, military.

episodes: first season-- 51 second season: ongoing

summary: Alchemy is the process of taking apart and rebuilding something into something else. In order to obtain something, you must lose something of equal value. This is the basic rule of Alchemy. A tabbo, Never commit a human transmutation (bringing a corpse to life with it, and such) There is one loop to this rule however. The philosophers stone. Anybody who obtains this stone will be allowed to break this rule.

Edward Elric, and his younger brother Alphonse, are two brothers who seek the philosophers stone. The two tried to revive their mother after she had died, only to find that the human transmutation took alphonses' body, and literaly cost Edward a arm and a leg. Edward and alphose leave there home town, russenbull, in order to find the philosophers stone and get back what they lost. not their mother, their bodies.

oppinion: I love it. The ending of the first season practicly blew up my head. I reccomend this to every possible living creature! There are only two flaws: I question opening theme taist of the producer, and there is a waaaay to long intro in the second season.

but what does it matter? The show is soooo amaizing. Those of you who've read my comments, you know I'm serrious.

dead. serrious.

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! if your tired of sitting around being bored, WATCH FULL METAL ALCHEMIST!!!

p.s.-- Edward. is. short.

Ultimo-Manga-Eiri Yuki s Lover

Title: Ultimo

Other Names: Karakuridoji Ultimo

Chapters: 10-ongoing

Author: Stan Lee (Creator of Marvel)

Artist: Takei Hiroyuki (Shaman King)

Categories: action, sci-fi, shonen

Summary: Long ago in the past, the scientist Dunstan unleashed his two most powerful Karakuri Doji upon the world. They were Vice (ultimate evil) and Ultimo (ultimate good). Both of them the ultimate of their kind. Now in the present a 19 yr old boy named Yamado finds Ultimo in an antique store. Upon his arrival Ultimo awakens and call Yamado master. This is only the start of Yamados journey into the world of the Karakuri Doji. Soon he must remember his past life where he was Ultimos master and stop the evil Karakuri Doji from assembling, setting Dunstan's plan of the ultimate battle of good and evil into motion. For if they were to battle, the earth as we know it would be destroyed!

Opinion: I find Ultimo very interesting! There are lots of twists and turns in it, and so far there have only been 10 chapters! Im addicted to it and cant wait for the next chapters! If you loved the art of Shaman King, then prepare yourself for the adorable Ultimo! For those of you out there that know Stan Lee and his works, then you know Ultimo is sure to become a great. It is one of a kind. Combining both the western style of comic writting and Japanese manga! So i hope you give it a try! ^^

Yayyy! I finally managed to post on here! ^^ sorry the pic is so small. I had trouble finding a good one.

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Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit--Support KIRA

Moribito: The Guardian of the Spirit

Alternate Names: Seirei No Moribito

Episodes: 26

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Summary: This story takes place in the land of Yogo. The 2nd prince is possessed by a strange being...and ordered to be assassinated by his own father...the Emperor. Balsa, a wandering spearwoman happens upon him by accident after saving him during a routine parade, and is hired by the prince's mother to take him away from the palace and protect him. Thus the adventure begins. Balsa becomes his bodyguard, in order to atone for her past sins, but gets more than she bargains for. Not only does she have to protect the prince from the entire country...but also from a whole other WORLD...and from the very being WITHIN him.

Opinion: I....LOVED Moribito. Though I have to say this...it might not be for everyone. My brother didn't like it as much as I did for instance. The Scenery is absolutely BREATHTAKING. The animation is comparable to Miyazaki in that respect...and I do NOT say that lightly. The character designs were similar to Blood+, and at first I wasn't too fond of them...but they grew on me. I loved Shuga. XD Now the story...I found it very interesting. It takes you to another world with beauty and legends you can only imagine...and at the same time the characters feel real enough for you to connect with. It's like a mystery at first, slowly being unraveled and drawing you in; just feeling for Chagum and hoping for his victory! After all, you can only imagine how a child would act in his position. Also amidst it all, you truly hope that Balsa can learn forgiveness...for herself. I recommend it, but like I said, it may not be for everyone. Don't stop at the first episode though, give it a try. The slow paced feel picks up, I was on the edge of my seat through the last couple of episodes. XD

--Instead of simply picking the opening, I found a full version with lots of beautiful scenery from the series. I love this song so much! L'arc en Ciel--Shine

--And since the music is so beautiful, here's a bonus song. Nahgi no Uta, it's kind of a theme song for Moribito.--

You can find all the episodes HERE