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Air Gear-Littlepooch

Name of Series: Air Gear

Alternate Names: None(that I know of)

Episodes: 24 + Special Trick (so basically 25 ^^)

Genre: Action, (In away) sport, humor, (slightly) perverted,

Plot Summary: Ittsuki Minami, also known as Ikki, Baby face, and Crow, is the current leader of the East Side Gunz. He lives with the four lovely Nayomi sisters(Rika, Mika, Ringo, and Ume) What Ikki doesn’t know is that all three of them all share one big secret. Storm Riders.

Storm Riders are those who are dare devils and wear Air Trecks with high powered motors in the wheals that let them ‘fly’. After Ikki discovers this and gets a pair of his own Air Trecks, he can’t seem to help but ride all the time, as well as continuesly break his A.T.s

Eventually he tries and put together a Storm Rider team. And as rumor has it, he’s the most likely one since Sora to make it as Sky King…

Opinion: OMG!!! <3 I absolutely LOVE Air Gear!!!! It’s so amazing! But for a warning, I don’t recommend it to anyone younger that 16*cought*yesIfollowmyownrulesowellseeingasI’monlyfourteen*cough* ^^’ Why I recommend that? It has violence, though this isn’t the action anime that has too much blood. It’s perverted and thank god for Kuu, (Ikki’s crow) who flies around to ‘block out’ certain areas ^^” Also it has a bit of yaoi in it, though it’s not considered a yaoi anime, just gay love X3 And lastly they cures… A lot. But seriously look past that and it’s a GREAT anime!
Ok and PLEASE don’t give up the anime when you first start it! It WILL start off kinda slow to my standers, but once it gets up to episode 9-10 I think it starts to get better ^^ Air Gear has managed to make it in to my “Top Four OMG <3” List.
And one more thing. Yes it dose have a weird ending but just so you know, Air Gear was supposed to have a second season but it was canceled DX So I recommend you read the manga on onemanga. Currently the Air Gear manga is still on going X3 And if you just want to read the manga, I would still recommend you watch the anime first cause the manga would get confusing I think anyway….

Rating: I give it a 8 ^^ I think it could have done with out some things….


Black Cat- jkhkitty

genre- action, adventure, comedy... if i had to guess...
episodes- 26 or 27... It's been a wile...
age rating- 13+

train is an assasen. not just your random hitman, however. He works for the special orgonazation called chronos, who secretly control the world under the governments. After a couple of years working for them, and earning his title "black cat" he meets a girl who changes his life. after she is killed he goes on a trip to find the killer, creed, his old partner and who also has a case of the crazies.

I love it. a lot... about a year ago I watched it 7 times. (creepy, huh?) I liked train more in the begining. when he was all emo and wore his trench coat around all the time. I like creed. even though he's evil. he like roses, i like roses, it all checks out. I like that old guy too... what's his name? hmmm.... ah.. you'll know when you see him. he has an eye patch. and the blonde girl too... I like her. she kicks @ss!! I really like the ending theme. It's so cute <3

Fruits Basket- jkhkitty

auther- natsuki takaya
volumes- 23
episodes- 26
genre- comedey, romance, super natural
age rating- 13+

summery- Tohru honda, a chearful, carefree highschool girl with a trajic past, is living in a tent in a forest. after about a week of this, she stubles upon a house. It's inhabited by Yuki (the hottest guy in her school) shigure (his perverted cousen), and a little later, kyo sohma (yukis' insanley stupid rival). after the tent she lives in is trapped in a land slide, she is forced to stay there. but, with one accedental hug, she stumbles upon the sohma families most protected secret.

oppinion- loveitloveitloveit!! It's really funny, is full of hot guys, gangsters, and (wait for it...)


like any girl, cross dressing is a vital part of my existance. Oh! It's incredebly dramatic, and full of suprises. I recomend the manga more than the t.v. show because it's leaves out one of my favorite suprises.

Yumeiro Patissiere---Gemnote7

Title: Yumeiro Patissiere

Alternate Name: Dream coloured Pastery chef

Length:52 episodes (not confirmed!)

Genre: Shojo, School life, Romance, cooking

Plot Summery:
Ichigo Amano is your typical girl. Clumsy, air-headed, with no redeming skills or talents. One day at a one of her younger sisters piano concerts, Ichigo wanders off and finds a sweets festa. There, she tastes a cake that reminds her of her late grandma, a skilled Patissiere. She finds the person the cake who made the cake, his name is Henri Lucas. Impressed by her outstanding sense of taste, he asks her to transfer to St. Marie Academy, A school for future Patissieres/patissiers to train and sharpen their skills. Ichigo decideds to transfer, but with no experience in proper cooking and only her love for sweets, how will Ichigo survive in among all the experts. There she meets Hanabusa Satsuki, Andou Sennosuke and Kashino Matoko and also Vanilla, a sweets spirt who job it is to pair up with humans to help them complete their dreams.

Personal Opinion:
Whew, hope thats not to long! I really love this series! It's so cute!
So far my favorite boy is Hanabusa, he's such a narsacist! But I must say that this anime is more for girls than boys. I guessing there will be more fanservice for girls than for boys. But it is also your typical girl-anime, I guess. I'm trying to guess the outcome as I watch it!
But all in all, a really great series and I recommend for those who like Shojo, pretty boys and most of all, SWEETS!

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