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Bleach(anime)--Support KIRA

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Name of Series: Bleach

Episodes: 269-Ongoing

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Plot Summary: Bleach takes place in Karakura Town, Japan. Ichigo Kurosaki is just a normal student…except he’s able to see spirits. Going on with his usual life, he helps spirits to find peace in whatever way he can, until one day, he meets up with a very different kind of spiritual being. A Soul Reaper. As a Shinigami, it is her duty to hunt “hollows”, or spiritual creatures that devour other spirits, and to also put any lingering spirits at peace through a process called “Konso”. When she comes across Ichigo however, everything changes…for both of them. During an attack, Rukia is mortally wounded protecting Ichigo, and is forced to transfer her power to him…else they both die. After doing so, however, her power does not return. And so begins Ichigo’s journey of being a Substitute Soul Reaper. As the plot progresses, and the storyline changes, you learn more about the nature of hollows, and the life of Shinigami. Not to mention the other classes of spiritual beings lurking in the shadows of the world.

Personal Opinion: Alright. Being completely honest here, Bleach has a bit of a slow start. When things are normal, you just get a sense of “mundane” that is unavoidable. However! I urge you to hang in there…because it gets really good. :3 I really enjoyed the Soul Society arc, and it just got better from there (love the Arrancar arc, didn‘t much like the Bount arc…but it had it‘s moments too). The fighting is intense(lots of blood loss lol) and the animation is fluid and beautiful. Which, that seems to improve as it progresses as well. The music rocks too. ^^ I find myself loving many of the quotes from the series, and it’s easy to get lost in the story, trying to figure things out before they happen. And yet…I found that it threw me for a complete LOOP…which is always good. XD So, if you are a fan of action, but like your comedy and mystery of the unknown, then check this one out for sure. ^~ I’m including my favorite opening song, though like I said, the music is awesome. LOL

Rating: 8--Only because it’s a bit long, which is a turn-off for a lot of people.

--Watch Bleach Online--

Yu Yu Hakusho-HanakoAnimeaddict

Title: Yu Yu Hakusho

Alternate Names: (Us only) Poltergeist Report, Ghostfighter

Author: Yoshihiro Togashi

Length: 19 volumes

Genre: Adventure/Suspense Bit of romance

Plot Summary:
Yusuke dies saving a young boy from being run over by a car. He then gets a chance to live again by Koenma, the prince of the Reikai (spirit world) but on one condition, which is to be a detective for the Reikai. With the aid of Botan Yusuke accepts and returns to life and to his girlfriend, Keiko. His first mission as a detective was to recover the stolen treasure of the Reikai. He meets the thieves, Kurama and Hiei, and later on became his allies. Together with his best friend, Kazuma Kuwabara, The four of them became a team and accomplished several missions issued by Koenma. Later on they join a tournament together with Yusuke's teacher, Genkai to face Toguro, who once they beat during one of their missions. Unfortunately for them, Toguro did not show his true power and now must face his wrath in the tournament.

After Genkai's death, Yusuke had revenge as he beat Toguro in the tournament. He wished for Genkai to be revived, which was fulfilled. Their next mission was to stop a man named Shinobu Sensui, former spiritual world detective, from opening a portal between the human world and the demon world. Yusuke dies in the encounter, but eventually came back to life as he had the blood of his ancestor, Raizen, a Class-S demon (demons are ranked according to their powers, Class-D, C etc. with class-S being the highest)He did beat Sensui when his ancestor's help.

The latter part of the series was all about just Yusuke, Kurama and Hiei. All three of them were summoned by Raizen, Yomi and Mukuro respectively to the demon world to compete in a tournament with the winner becoming the new leader of the demon world. A friend of Raizen wins the said tournament, and Yusuke returns to the human world to finally live with Keiko, as the series ends.

Personal Opinion:
This would be something interesting to read. I mean, it's not often that the main character dies in the beginning of the series to end up being one of the most powerful beings at the end. In fact, not much mangas have the main character staying dead for long, as this one did.

Yusuke is one of the most surprising characters in here. You would expect him to do something, only to find him doing something completely unexpected. It is interesting to see his interactions with other characters; you would see someone he cares about being teased or beaten up.

All in all, this is a good manga...

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Tsubasa: Those With Wings

Title: Tsubasa: Those With Wings

Alternate Names: Tsubasa O Motsu Mono

Author: Natsuki Takaya

Length: 6 regular manga and 3 collector edition manga6

Genre: Adventure,fantasy, comedy, romance

Plot Summary: Kotobuki is an ex thief just trying to make a living in the 22nd century. Life is hard, and it only seems to get harder once Raimon shows up. Raimon is a captain in the military and has been following Kotobuki for quite some time. He's in love with her. As the story goes on and Kotobuki explores her feelings for Raimon she finds that he is in danger. The colonel of the army Hilt Gil still wants Raimon. In order to save the man she loves Kotobuki goes on the search for Tsubasa. The legendary light that came from the sky and granted peoples wishes, but what she finds is not what she expected.

Personal Opinion: I loved Tsubasa: Those With Wings! I couldn't put a volume down, and when I was finished I stalked the bookstore shelves waiting for the next one. There are many simularities between Tsubasa O Motsu Mono characters and Takaya's characters from her other popular manga Fruits Baskets. Between Raimon and Shoka I just couldn't stop laughing. I hope you guys will look it up. I know you'll just love it!

D.Gray-man --jkhkitty

genre: comedy, action, adventure, fantasy, romance, horror (just a little), and vampire (if you count krory. what? he's a vampire!)

episodes: 103

volumes: ??

Summary: allan walker is your average teen-age boy (in the 1800's, perhaps). except for his arm. In his left arm, he holds an anti-demon weapon, called innocense, that's used to fight demons (of course) created by the noah clan (appearently direct desendents from noah, you know... the one with the ark) allan becomes an exorcist (the name for users of this anti-demon weapons) and joins the order, a group that lives to fight off these demons.

opinion: I'll admit, the reason I watched it was because I thought it was a strange number of episodes. I thought 103? what kinda anime has 103 episodes?? but it turned out to be one of my favorite animes. I like allan. he's the type of person I'd be friends with. and his arm goes through two major changes! first, it's just a gaint claw thing, then it's a gun, and then it's a cape/mask!!

sorry! couldn't find a good you tube vid! (hmpf... you tube losers. can't even put up the opening theme for d.gray-man in regular format *mumble grumble*


Title: RahXephon

Alternate Name: (None that I know of)


Genre: Romance, action, drama,

Plot Summery:

Imagine that you were told that the rest of the world has been destroyed, and that’s how its been for years only to find out that the place you’ve called home for so long is actually a place called Tokyo Jupiter.

Ayato Kamina is what he thinks to be average until he runs into the girl Haruka Shitow. He finds out that about half the people who are in Tokyo Jupiter are aliens called moolians, blue blooded people.

Ayato learns that he can use a giant robot called the RahXephon (hence the name.) and battles the moolian kind of robots. He leaves Tokeyo Jupiter and goes with Haruka to live with her family(grandfather and litter sister) and joins a group called TARA, the ones who are fighting back agents the moolians.

Personal Opinion:

I really liked RahXephon, and for those of you who have seen Evongelion(aka Neon Genis) or the remake of it(aka You Are(Not)Alone) you will probably hate RahXephon and will accuse it of stealing Evongelion’s plot basically. Well I have to say though, I liked RahXephon better because it explains things more then when Evongelion just seems to start out random and at first I thought I had missed an episode. It has a good plot, its graphics are good, and I love the theme song(Hemisphere by: Maaya Sakamoto-Also sings the ending theme for Wolf’s Rain-Gravity) ^^ If you ever find your self in need of a anime you should look at it.


-_-' I've actually had this done for awhile, I just forgot about it....