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Tail of the Moon--MewChero

+Tail of the Moon+

External Image

Title: Tail of the Moon

Alternate Names:月のしっぽ Tsuki no Shippo

Author:Rinko Ueda

Length: 15 volumes(105 chapters)

Genre:Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Historical, Romance, Shojo, Ninja

Plot Summary: This manga takes place in the Tenshō Era of Japan. Usagi Momochi is a young ninja in training who utterly fails at all things ninja related and is lazy to boot. But due to frequent stomach aches became a wonderful herbalist. She is given orders by her grandfather, a secret mission: to go to Segachi, marry Hanzō Hattori, the leader of the main branch ninja family, and bear his child. Hanzō of course refuses, but Usa refuses to leave until he accepts her as his bride. But he refused to marry anyone, but allows Usa and her trusty side kick Mamezo to stay until Usa is a qualified ninja. AND...of course a possible love starts to grow~ After all...this is shojo. *winks*

Personal Opinion: *eyes sparkle* This is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE mangas. *nods* It has really cute moments...But yet has a lot of ninja action! It's very true to the time period it is set in. If you are turned off by the ninjas because of Naruto, don't! It's nothing like that. And all the guys are...bishie-tastic! ....*loves Hanzō* SOO you should read it. *nods* You'll laugh and cry. It's moving.

Link to online manga: This is the only site I know that has the whole series...and is safe.

Discussion on Sengoku Basara--Support KIRA

So, my question for this discussion is simple: What happened to Magoichi Saika?! Alright, I realize that I might not find someone that knows the answer to this, but come on, at least one o...

Read the full post »

Dennou Coil - Twilight Samurai

Title: Dennō Coil (電脳コイル) — A Circle of Children

Episodes: 26

Genre: drama, comedy, suspense, science fiction

External Image

Summary: In a world where technology has advanced to another level, the children engage in a cyber world parallel to their real world via "denno glasses." With these glasses, the children actively interact with one another in their virtual world, displaying their cyber prowess, such as calling each other with the tips of their fingers, playing with their very realistic cyber pets, shooting lasers from their foreheads, etc. Sometimes, this parallel world seems more realistic than the real world...

Dennō Coil — A Circle of Children introduces us to a small group of young friends as they go about their daily business. They go to school together and do the normal things kids these days do. However, with their interaction in the virtual world, something lurks in its shadows. A dark secret unfolds about the virtual world that they soon discover threatens their lives. Strange creatures, called the Nulls, cross over to their world to wreak havoc, sometimes innocently while other times sinisterly. What are these creatures? How do they connect with the children? What's going on here?!?

My opinion
: It's a great series. I, for one, love kids being kids. This is a great series that made me reminisce my own past when I was a kid (without all the virtual world stuff). Also, this series was more than just "happy go lucky" fun, though it provides plenty of humor; there was a deeper story in this as well, which helped captivate my attention and interest. I would recommend this anime series to anyone who wants a break from other stereotypical anime series with buxom women, mechas and the outlandish. Haha!

shiki-- jkhkitty

ah... i haven't posted in so long... i think...

genre: horror, mystery, suspense, thriller
other names: corpse demon (that's acctually the english translation. you'll find it bes under "shiki")
episodes:22-24. i'm not posative

available on hulu (yay!)

summery: yuuki, is a boy who just moved into the small town sotoba two years ago with his mom and dad. things start getting weird when a new family moves into the great victorian mansion overlooking the village. and even weirder, when his his stalker, megumi, is found in the forrest at night half dead. the docter, toshio, the other protaganist, belives that it is a new desease, even though he highly doubts it. the syntoms are anemia (increased speed in blood flow), and drowsyness. within three days, megumi is dead. people are dying, faster and faster. this is when yuuki starts seeing megumi at night, even though she's long dead. looks like she's still stalking him. and this time, with more danger. mean while, toshio starts to belive that they're dealing with something that isn't quite microscopic.

opinion: I loved it. absolutly loved it. i give it a five out of five. The story line, while extreemly cliche, is also extreemly unique.

and the suspense!! this anime is on par with deathnote. I was glued to the screen for so long i didn't realize it was three in the morning. the hair is pretty weird, but the story line *drools*... I loved it soooo much. not only was it really scary, but it was really sad. I cried, like, five times. no joke.

anyway, watch it. it's intense.

here's thee music vid. also intense.

and here's a pic. i know, intense.

Itazura no kiss + Kimi ni todoke, two for one special!!! --jkhkitty

.... I wanted to submit two at the same time, ok?!

title: itazura no kiss
alternate names:itazura na kiss
episodes: 25
genre: shojo, slice of life, comedy, romance
summery: kotoko aihara is about to confess to the guy she's been crushing on for two years, sense she entered high school. his name is irie, he's top of his class in all of japan, and really smexy (unfortunatly, he does not kill with a mystereous note book) kotoko, in comparison, is in the f class and looks average. when she goes to confess to him, he denies her love letter saying "I hate stupid girls". Things can only get more awkward if a earthquake destroys the house her and her dad live in, so they have to go live in her dads child-hood friends masion who just happens to be iries dad.

opinion: fanominal. This anime is one of the most unique animes i've ever seen. If you thought toradora had an extreem climax, you will nearly pass out from this one. lots and lots and lots of drama...

title: kimi ni todoke
episodes: twenty four. i think.
genre: shojo, slice of life, comedy, romance

summury: sawako, probably the nicest girl in shojo history, is unfortunatly... cursed. she's constantly avoided because of her scary face, and is called sadako (the ghost girl from "the ring"). Her entire life changes when the new kid, kazehaya, an extreemly popular guy, talks to her. the two start being friends, and before she knows it, she has a huge mass of buddies that baisicly all love kazehaya.

opinion: if you're not into drama, this is your anime. It remains realativly softer than itazura, and has many, many more love scenes. it's probably one of the cutest anime i've ever seen. the climax lacks... excitement there's no big kiss scene!! what the hell?! but otherwise, it's definatly worth the time.