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Assassin's Creed--Support KIRA

Title: Assassin’s Creed

Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, RPG

Approx Length: 3 main titles so far, with several branched off titles

Plot Summary: Assassin’s Creed is set in the present-day. You play as Desmond Miles, a man who has been captured by an association looking to find “something” within Desmond’s past memories through a machine called the ANIMUS. You then enter one of Desmond’s ancestors’ past lives: Altair, a man living in the Middle East during the era of the Third Crusade. Through the entire first game, you learn about the Brotherhood from the ground up, as Altair works his way back to his rank after falling back down to Novice during a chain of events in the beginning of the game.

Personal Opinion: The Assassin’s Creed series is and will always be one of my favorites. It’s an amazing series with brilliant graphics and a mindbending storyline. I played this right as it came out, so I’ll always have a soft-spot for Alty, and if you play and really connect with the game and story, you’ll see why. Well, if you go for that sort of character~ I love how unique everything is, in the way the story is told and proceeds, and in the way you are totally mindblown without even expecting it. If you haven’t played, you should definitely pick it up and I recommend starting HERE, at the beginning. (I know a lot of people who have started with Ezio, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, I really feel you miss out a lot. )

Rating: 8 –I would rank this game as a 10, but there are admittedly some things that needed to be improved upon, which they did with II. Still overall a fantastic game.

Link to helpful tips, walkthroughs, and Faqs <3: Game FaQs

World Legend

Anime Reviewed Thus Far: Air Gear--littlepooch ...

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Hana to Akuma--MewChero

External Image

Title: Hana to Akuma

Alternate Names:花と悪魔; 花与恶魔; 花與惡魔; Blomsten og Demonen; Blossom and Devil; De Bloem en de Duivel; Devil with Flower; Flower and Devil; Hoa và ác ma; La Fleur du démon (French); La Flor y El Demonio; The Flower and the Demon

Author:Oto Hisamu

Length: 8 volumes(58 chapters)

Genre:Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural

Plot Summary: 17-years-ago Vivi(or Bibi in some translations), the demon, decided to leave the demon realm and come to the human world. There he found an abandoned baby and on a whim decided to keep it. Since then he lived together with Hana...but having a 14 year-old girl around you, is it really as simple as you think it might be? Hana loves to give Vivi flowers and every time he touches them they wither and die, but she gives them to him anyways.

Personal Opinion: OK! I just finished this amazing series. I devoured it in two days because it was that excellent. I laughed so many times and cried a lot more than that. I clicked onto the last page sobbing my eyes out. Hopefully it was not just my hormones
This is truly a Masterpiece. The art is really wonderful, especially the flowers. The characters are all very original and will make you laugh at how they all interact. And the story may seem cliche, but the mangaka does a really great job at making this story truly stand above others.
Now it is a little more on the girly side, but boy don't be turned off. There is some action and comedy in this too. And yes...fans of Twilight will love this, but I will also suggest those who hate twilight will love it too. I do suggest that this story is for those who are a little bit older due to some violence and innuendos. Vivi and Hana have a bond that can touch any heart....I loved this series a lot and hope that if you get the chance to that you should read it too. I give this 20/5 stars. 8D


Slam Dunk--Heartstop

Name of Series: Slam Dunk

Alternate Names: (None, that I know of)

Episodes: 101 ( +3 or so back story episodes)

Volumes: 31 (Chapters 278 I think)

Author: Inoue Takehiko

Genre: anime, comedy, drama, school life, shounen, sports, romance(a little)

Plot Summary: Hanamichi Sakuragi is a delinquent who has never had any luck with girls. However, when he meets Haruko Akagi, he is sure that she's the one for him. Haruko is a big basketball fan and notices his potential as a basketball player (due to his immense height). Hoping to win her heart, Hanamichi earnestly tries out for the basketball team. Does this complete newbie have what it takes to even join the team?

My Summary: Firstly, I have to say the summary doesn't do justice to the actual anime/manga; it's way more interesting and awesome than it sounds. That's why I thought I would give a short summary of my own as well.

Hanamichi Sakuragi has never had luck with girls, on his 1st day of high school; gets dumped for the 50th time by a girl(who dumps him for a guy in the basketball team and that's where it gets interesting *evil laugh*). Depressed and feeling it's winter in/for his heart, while it's spring in the world, he is fueled with hatred not only towards basketball the game but the very term as well(You will get what I mean lol). When he meets Haruko, who catches his heart at first sight,he is overjoyed! She compliments his height and all and tells him he should join the basketball team--that he would be a great player! Now he declares he is a great/genius sportsman and will try out/join the basketball team for her. But! a mysterious super rookie in basketball has also joined this very same high school and has caught Haruko's attention! Now, not only does he have to win over Haruko's heart, he also has to out perform this super rookie! For someone who hated basketball a few moments ago and who has no experience in it at all , how will this all end? Will he get in or not? Will he make a fool of himself or turn out to be the world's greatest basketball genius? Read and find out!

Personal Opinion: I will be straight forward with you guys. This is the finest anime/manga I have ever watched and read. I absolutely loved it, I have watched/read about 80+ animes/mangas and I have yet to change my mind and I think I never will. It is simply superb; one minute you are as serious as hell and stuck to the screen in suspense and the next they do something so hilarious that it makes you fall off your chair and laugh so hard you can't breathe. Not to mention making you cry your eyes out(be you a girl or boy lol). No matter how much I like a new anime or manga, when I think back of Slam Dunk I think "No, nothing can beat that, I have to read/watch it again!". Many people watch the first few episodes and go: "this isn't for me", "it's boring" but please don't stop after the first two epsiodes, go further. I guarantee you will get addicted to it. You have my word that you will not regret watching/reading this.

Oh just wanted to mention, like me, if any of you go for the manga because the anime doesn't follow it exactly or isn't as good, don't worry one bit. Slam Dunk's anime is amazing and follows the manga to a T but please do watch it in subbed; the dubbed version is terrible, I have tried it. By the way, the chapter where the anime leaves off in the manga, I can't recall right now, just comment and ask me when you get there, and I will check and let you know right away.

Rating: 10/10 (No kidding)

External Image

I simply love its opening song as well, hope you enjoy it!

Link to download/watch the episodes(both links are present and don't read the description given there, it has spoilers): HERE
Link to manga volumes download: HERE
Link to read the manga online: HERE OR HERE

The place where I originally downloaded the anime from, seems to have been shutdown. I found this other website linked above which seems reliable to me. I will download a few episodes to make sure, it's subbed and of good quality. If I find a better website, I will be sure to link that as well. If anyone needs another website link to watch or read it online, just let me know and I will give it to you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Fairy tail- Jkhkitty

episodes- (so far) 84

genre- action, magic, maybe/possably romance

Summery- Lucy lives in a world where magic rules. this world is governed by several guilds, some ranking higher than others, with the guild, fairy tale, at the highest. it's lucy's life long dream to become a member of this guild. While shopping for magical products in town, lucy hears that the "salamander" (a legendary dragon/ member of fairy tale. it's a little confusing) is in town, she rushes to go see him. while at the same time, Natsu, a boy with pink hair and super awsome fire skillz, thinks that it's igneel, a dragon. in the middle of a city. While lucy is caught under the spell of the gross dude, natsu barges into the circle of girls, breaking the spell on lucy. to thank him she gives him food. but that's besides the point. after that, the gross dude, in order to lure lucy in, says she should come to his cruse ship party that he will be having that night, in retern for a membership to fairytale. lucy accepts. Meen while, Natsu over hears a conversation between some girls and is like "oh, S***! that guy isn't in fairy tale" that night, when lucy is on the creeper boat, she realizes that the punch is druged with a sleep spell. turns out the creeper wants to make all the girls into sex slaves (or something like that). Natsu, being the super badass that he is, comes to rescue them, while lucy (simultaniously) is already working at it. after a serries of events, natsu blows up a ship and offers lucy a membership to fairy tale, making lucy's dreams come true. then they go on huge, inspiring adventures. that was pretty the first episode.

Personal opinion- it's great. i really love it. at first, it kinda seems like a stereo typical ecchi at the begining because lucy has huge... well, you know. but it's actually a very inspiring anime. i don't want to make this too long because of that loooong summery up there, but take my word for it. it's great.