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Death Note--Support KIRA


Episodes: 37

Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery

Summary: The World in which Light Yagami in is rotting. At least, that's what he thinks. There is nothing but criminal reports on news broadcasts, criminal activity on the streets...and even in the classrooms. It's pathetic...and someone needs to fix it. And that's just what he aims to do, when he happens upon a strange notebook labeled "Death Note". The front page almost scares him away "The person who's name is written in this note shall die". Almost. He refuses to cast the book away without testing it for himself. Randomly watching a broadcast, he witnesses a hostage situation. As the name and face of the man is posted on TV, Light writes it down...then waits. When the notebook proves to be real, Light's mind starts turning. What if....what if he could eliminate ALL Crime from the world?! What if he could start a NEW WORLD? Would that make him...the GOD of that world?

You follow Light during his transformation, as he meets the Shinigami Ryuk, and proceeds to follow the path which he believes is right. Using the notebook to his full advantage. Things heat up when Detective L is brought in to oppose him, with his quick wit and daring intellect, he is truly the only one to offer Light a challenge. Just who will win...and will Light TRULY create a world only he could dream of? Or will L crush that goal and save the world's criminals from Light's judgment?

Opinion: This is a must see for anyone who's into hard core MIND GAMES. The entire show is like a huge game of chess. One wrong move and it's Checkmate....or more specifically, Death. It has you wondering just who is truly right...and makes you think about everything you've come to believe. I'm sure you form sides...but I stayed pretty objective for the most part. ((Yes yes, even though my name IS Support KIRA. I really DO connect with Light's Beliefs and Goals...but to a certain point. I can't go into it unless you see it! LOL)) The animation is ASTOUNDING...and the music really fits well with the situations. I must say...the openings/endings are dynamite! XD I highly recommend it as it is truly becoming one of the 'must-see' staples.

Here's the Opening Sequence, Enjoy!

Vampire Knight(Manga)--Support KIRA

Vampire Knight--The Manga


Author--Matsuri Hino ((other works: MeruPuri, WANTED, Captive Hearts))

Categories: Dark, Drama, Gothic, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Vampire

Summary: Vampire Knight takes place at Cross Academy. A school where they are attempting to unite Humans...and VAMPIRES. Though, the humans have NO IDEA that the 'night class' are really vampires. There are plenty of measures to keep the students 'in line', but like everything, there are those that just don't wish for certain dreams to come true. Beneath the surface of both the vampire world and the Hunters Society, there is a sinister plot in play, a plot that threatens the very safety of the school. Yuki Cross, who remembers nothing before the age of four; Zero Kiryuu, a man with a secret and deep scars of his own; as well as Kaname Kuran, the mysterious Night Class President, are all deeply entwined, and their choices will shape the fate for not only the school...but for their respective worlds. Will their feelings for one another get in the way, or pave the path they must each walk?

My Opinion: If you haven't read this...but were thinking about doing so...DO IT! I'm serious. The manga is...sooooo goooooood! And even for those of you who haven't considered it. Whatever your reason...just please don't let it be "Oh it's popular and over-hyped...I don't wanna read it" Cuz that's not fair. DX< I kid you not...this girl told me she didn't want to even chance it because of all the publicity it gets. I was like...WHAT?! I don't judge things on popularity, I read them for myself, and THEN pass judgment. It's unfair to not even give something a chance, you know? I fell in love with it, just by seeing the cover of Volume 2. Back when I thought Zero and Kaname were actually the guardians of a vampire school! ROFL! Well, I bought the first two...back then that's all there were, and read them in a single night! Thirsty for more...I sought it out online, and caught completely up to the releases in a period of 2 days....considering I was still on dial-up internet...THAT was an amazing feat. O_O' So that should tell you right there...it's JUST that good. Personally, I prefer the manga over the anime version, BUT I still LIKED the anime. It was beautiful, I was a little picky about the character designs, but the animation was still gorgeous. LOVE the soundtrack too. But this is about the MANGA! Hino-sensei does a terrific job with not only the characters and imagery, but with their stories and backgrounds as well. It'll have you guessing about a couple things, and you'll fall in love with all the characters. I did, I love them ALL. Each person has their own respective issues, and you really do feel for them.

Alright, this is getting long. I hope you'll give Vampire Knight a chance, it really is worth the read. I may be biased...I adore Matsuri Hino...so there's my warning to you. ^^;

If you would like to see for yourself, here's a direct link! >X3

Kuroshitsuji--Support KIRA


Alternate Title: Black Butler

Categories: Action, Dark, Drama, Gothic, Horror, Humor, Mystery, Tragedy

Episodes: 24 (possible Second Season in the works)

Summary: Taking place in the early 1900's Europe, the story follows Ciel Phantomhive, the sole heir to the Phantomhive Clan. The Queen's personal "Guard Dogs"; they are to investigate and deal with troubles within her domain in the Underworld, or anything supernatural. The main focus however, lies in discovering Ciel's tortured past and carrying out his will to avenge the wrongs done to him. To aid him in this great task is Sebastian. One HELL of a Butler, he can do anything. Even escape the grasp of death it would seem. So why is Sebastian serving such a young master? And to what end? Well, you have to find that out yourself.

Opinion: I cannot recommend this show enough. It's Beautiful from start to finish. The story is captivating and draws you in, along with the animation and music. The characters are lovable and diverse, from the bubbly Elisabeth to the spooky laugh-loving Undertaker, and the twists and depth of the secrets are astounding.

--I chose this as my first review because I've recommended it a lot...and every time I hear back with the same thing. "I LOVE IT!" Therefore, I hope you'll give it a try too. :) Feel free to make additions if you see fit! Also, this is just an example, you don't have to follow this template or anything LOL It's just so you get a gist of what to put. :) --

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