Origa My Favorite Singer

I'm not sure if all have heard yet, but Origa, the singer of the Ghost in the Shell themes and many others, has passed away this Saturday. I really hope this is just another stupid celebrity death hoax, however it's been announced on her official facebook page (where I found out) and from several anime and Russian news sources.

I am broken hearted. She was my favorite singer of all time, I've been a fan of her for nearly ten years. She had the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. Sadly I didn't go see her perform in Detroit this past October, it was my only chance and I missed it. I love her so much.

She was such an inspiration to me, my comics and art all were inspired by her music. Ever read one of my old comics like? Dialog filled with Origa lyrics. All my artwork back then? Named after Origa songs. My favorite oc, Natalya, her theme song was Origa's rendition of Kalinka. Monarchy X Anarchy as it is today would not have existed without Origa.

I really hope this is all just a big nasty joke and Origa is still alive and singing