I'm drafting up ideas for the new Valle Lacrimarum story. I was thinking of possibly throwing Amelia into an academy! Actually, putting her in an academy was one of my original ideas for Valle Lacrimarum, but I abandoned the idea at the last minute.

In the current story, her family sends her to her aunt Claudia's house to live, but maybe an academy will make it more alienating for Amelia (think A Little Princess style seminary). I'll probably make a cute uniform too, something a little old fashioned and reminiscent of the 1840's. The academy would be a fictional girl's school located in the sea port city of La Rochelle, France.

How will Amelia meet Azriel? I'm thinking something a little more gory than a chance encounter in the cemetery. Like Amelia witnessing a suicide? Or maybe it is Amelia who commits suicide and Azriel decides to spare her? Or maybe she is murdered? Possibly summoning Azriel via Ouija board? I don't know yet.

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These aren't the only two instances that I've settled on. I'm still thinking of new ideas. And maybe in the new version Amelia and Azriel have a slightly more romantic relationship? Who knows!