I thought I lost everything!

My computer was attacked by a nasty virus so I googled how to fix that mess and read that I had to do a system restore. Silly me pressed F10 on startup and did a destructive system recovery. I again googled the problem and learned that I might loose all my personal files! Luckily it was not a full format recovery and only a quick one so I was able to find all my beloved files including artwork, scripts, programs, etc. I was so relieved! But now I have to set everything up nice and neat like it used to be before Windows was reinstalled.

Honestly, I was sick to my stomach when I thought I lost everything. Especially since I have old artwork and unfinished projects on here.

Remember kids, ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR FILES! Or else you could lose all your stuff for good. So do yourself a favor and save all your files onto an external hard disk for safe keeping (in other words, make copies of your documents and move them onto a flash drive) This way, if your computer crashes or goes through an accidental destructive system recovery like me, your hard work won't be lost.