My StarFox cosplay from Youmacon 2012!

The outfit is almost completely handmade by me, with the exception of the gun and gloves (the gun was made by my dad). I'll post better pictures when a.) I find them or b.) I take my own.

What I used:

  • The mask was constructed of upholstery foam and hot glue, the eyes were made from a two liter bottle of pop and sheer fabric. I followed quite a few fursuit tutorials to figure out my strategy. The fur was mostly cheap stuff found at Joanns Fabric store but it worked pretty well.
  • The jumpsuit was made using a modified Burda pattern 7278 (custom collar, shortened sleeves and pant legs, no darts, red panel added in the sides, and a red cotton... bib?)
  • The boots were an old pair of snow boots painted black and red with strips of red and grey pleather details.
  • The side pouches (one of them fully functional!) were made using a Rice Crispy cereal box, paper, and some crafting foam.
  • The vest was made using the back piece from the same pattern as the jumpsuit (with HEAVY modification). I used white denim (scraps from my sisters Link cosplay) and batting plus white broadcloth(?) for the front lining.
  • The belt was spray painted grey and the buckle was crafting foam painted gold.

I plan to fix the costume up a bit and wear it again at maybe Shutocon or something. The pouches need to be remade, the jaw of the mask needs a good fixin', I need better arm and knee pads, and some new gloves. But besides all that I am proud of myself for what I made
I also made a matching Falco set but my sister wouldn't wear it (she's the Zero Suit Samus next to me)