I have been TAGGED for the billionth time.

Seriously people, stop tagging me. If it'll get you to stop then I'll do one but know this. I'm not posting the Godforsaken rules and I am not tagging others since it is just... How should I put this...? Like chain letters. And I am just too cool for that so don't EVER send me another one.
What is your favorite nickname?
I call myself Mrs Dragmire because Ganondorf is my husband, got it?
Do you prefer coffee or tea, and why?
Tea. I love it. Especially black pekoe tea.
Do you have an original character (o.c)? Do they represent you in any way?
I have alot. But for this, I'll choose Amelia. She wears fancy clothes, is spoiled, only loves herself, is friends with a skeleton, and dislikes people. (Though she dislikes people, I hate them with a passion) She is almost a self-insert character and I admit it.
What is one irrational fear that you posses?
Driving. I go into panic mode when merging with traffic.
If you had to become a vagabond what three items would you take with you?
My art supplies, my lolita dresses (the brand ones), and my mp3 player.
What is your favorite piece of literature?
OMG. ugh... Either Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream or... the Three Musketeers!
What would you like to do for the rest of your life (workwise)?
Draw comics and medical illustrations. Or I'll enslave everyone and reign as a tyrant.
How much time do you spend outside each day?
Under an hour.
If you could change the world in anyway, how would you and why?
Bring back the paddle in school. People need to be smacked, children and adults alike but its best to get them when they're young.
What is your favorite word? (it can be anything, even a non-official one)
Ugh... Vladivostok. It's so Slavic sounding its sexy. NEVERMIND. "Hate" is my new favorite word. I hate everyone.
How do you (meaning the spelling YOU use most OFTEN) spell the word Donut? DONUT or DOUGHNUT?
I spell it doughnut because the other way is for stupid people.