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My New Tea Cup!

I went to the Goodwill yesterday and found an antique Flow Blue tea cup for 99 cents! It has quite a bit of damage such as chips and dirty scuffs but it looked so cute with another Flow Blue dish of mine! ...

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CrestFallen Era summary

Avantasia was the princess of a cold, dark country. Even though one would think a princess had everything she ever wanted or needed, there was one thing Avantasia didn't have. She wanted to be alone. All she ever wanted was peace and quiet, but ...

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Duchess in Dreamland summary!

In a faraway, forlorn country there lived petite Natalya, the Grand Duchess of Alva Roshia. She was very lonely, with no friends and nothing to do. With all of her sweet little heart, she wanted nothing more than to escape her dull life and into a world of magic and mystery. The pretty Duchess wished for pleasant companions and a knight in shining armor.
One night before bedtime, she prayed for her wishes to come true. When Natalya awoke from her sleep, she found herself in a singing tower. When she looked into a mirror in front of her, she saw she was wearing a beautiful dress, and strangest of all, was metamorphosed into a doll!
Natalya ventures through this chimerical realm, meeting new indiviuals, including friends and enemies. Among the friends are Ivan, an outgoing young man; Élodie, a strange and agile girl; Alistair, a darkly dragoon from another country; and Lachlan, a transvestite. But a malevolent assailant, Sylphia, hungers for a virgin's untainted blood, particularly Natalya's blood.
Is this all a dream? Has Natalya's prayers of romance been answered? Or perhaps this is a new alternate reality for Natalya!