Hello, my name is Angeline. My deviantart account is Sympatichna Czarina; if you are interested doing an art trade or commissioning something from me just pm me!

College final: painting the Czar

As part of my final for my drawing II class, I'm painting a watercolor portrait of Czar Nicholas II because everyone knows how much I love him. We have to create 3-6 pieces of artwork reflecting something "vintage", like from 1900 to 1989.

Here is a comparison with the photo I'm basing my work off of. I won't have time to finish it if I attempt to paint all the epaulets, (it's taken me three hours to do only the face and should piece) so I'll have to simplify it quite a bit.

CrestFallen Era summary

Avantasia was the princess of a cold, dark country. Even though one would think a princess had everything she ever wanted or needed, there was one thing Avantasia didn't have. She wanted to be alone. All she ever wanted was peace and quiet, but ...

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