Hello, my name is Angeline. My deviantart account is Michelangeline; if you are interested doing an art trade or commissioning something from me check out my rates!

I'm Back!

Not sure how active my old buddies are here, but I'm back! And by some divine force I was able to remember my old password!

So if you care for an update regarding my life, I'll lay it out. I moved from Flint Michigan to Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor for a year, then back home to Flint for a few months. Then I moved to Fort Myers Florida for one year, and just a month ago I moved BACK to Michigan, but this time to Oscoda where I spent four years of my childhood. Now I'm working full-time at a motel as the front desk clerk!
Still lolita? No, not really. I still adore lolita fashion and I love making loli art, but it isn't practical for me to wear anymore. Still goth as shit though.
My art has changed a lot. Its not really anime anymore, it's more comic book styled, which (if I remember correctly) was how my art started to transition before I stopped logging onto theOtaku.

I'm not sure what the reunion chat is about, but when I saw theO's rare facebook post in my feed, I knew I had to come back and check it out!
So, what has changed over the past few years and how is everyone?