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I Am So Sad

This rant was brought on by one of my most recent clients (in real life, not deviantart). A local petitioner commissioned me to make a sign for them. They wanted me to paint the logo of their organization and mission statement. I tried talking...

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RANT: challengers are annoying me...

I'm not sure how many challenges I won in which the challenge maker didn't fill out the prize expectation. I don't mean to sound like a grasping child here but seriously, if I (or anyone for that matter) won a challenge, give me my prize.
I've been in numerous challenges in which (even to this day) remain unjudged. Whats more irritating is that when I ask them when the winners are going to be picked I receive replies like "Well, I've been really busy with life like family problems and school. not to mention that choosing a winner is really tough so deal with it!" Okay. Stop over glamorizing your teenage life issues because we all have them. Besides, its been months now. Get over it. Family pet died? Guess what, mine did too and it didn't take months to get over. School work too much for you? Guess what, I'm balancing high school classes and college courses at the same time. I'm not complaining. Family member die too? My condolences but if your life is that hectic then maybe you shouldn't host challenges. On another note, how long does it even take to judge a challenge? Well, basing this observation from the one challenge I hosted many moons ago, it does not months. It took me two or three days max because there were alot of entries and some good ones too.

I don't think it is right for someone to host a challenge and forget to pick winners or give the promised prizes once the deadline is up. Especially since the challengers get blue medals in their portfolio whether they judge or not. I feel reporting these people would be too drastic but I think there could be improvements made on the challenge categories. There isn't enough moderation in that area.