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Alistair Cosplay!

Another post inspired by izuzu15's cosplay pack posts!
The suit is from Alice and the Pirates (a line of BTSSB), the shoes are from Demonia, and the wig is just some random thing I found on google.
I really wish the boots came in gold to match the suit since they were the closest thing I could find without looking cheap.

Lace border available here!

Natalya Cosplay!

Another post inspired by izuzu15's cosplay pack posts!
The dress is Victorian Maiden, the bonnet is Innocent World, the shoes are from Metamorphoses Temps de Fille, The wig is from ebay, and the coffin purse by Demonia.

Lace border stock available here!
Next up will be Alistair's cosplay pack. I wish other people would make cosplay packs of their OC's, it's fun to see what you can come up with while trying to piece together an outfit similar to your character's.

Amelia Cosplay!

Inspired by izuzu15's cosplay pack posts!
The dress is from the brand Mary Magdalene, the shoes are Angelic Pretty, and the hime wig is from GLW! GLW actually stopped selling that particular style though so I'm bummed.
Unless the dress was custom made, it would be pretty hard to find one that looked exactly like Amelia's. I feel like her favorite lolita brand would be Mary Magdalene though!

Lace border stock from here!
These cosplay packs should become a thing on theO. It would be neat to see what other people come up with for their OC's!

Valle Lacrimarum chrome theme

With the aid of Blubber Farts I made a google chrome theme! Here is a preview:

You can download it here!

Amelia's influence meme

Amelia de Belvoir, my character from my webcomic, Valle Lacrimarum, was inspired by many ladies! ( with the exception of Mana)

  • Claudia Uhle (Angelzoom) influenced her state of mind
  • Mana influenced her fashion sense
  • Lia de Beaumont gave Amelia her dark side
  • Tarja Turunen also influenced her fashion and personality
  • Alexis Brown (Straight Line Stitch) gave her a tic side
  • Mary Crawley gave her mannerisms and class
  • Nicki Minaj made her bold
  • Clare influenced her strength of will

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