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Free Lace Stock!

Remember that lace stock I posted forever ago? Well, I reuploaded it but this time it is a downloadable file. There are 14 png images in the file (black and white versions of the lace) and it is free to use!

Since it is an unrestricted stock, you can use it for what ever you want, you don't even have to credit me. However, if you do use it, I would like it very much if you did credit me so that others will know where to get it. Also, I would really like to see what you guys make with it so please send me a link!

Free Lace Stock

I have seven different types of lace here (all of which are seamless) that are free to use for whatever you like!

Most of the laces are generic stuff that is mass produced in China but #5 is a lace pattern from Innocent World. #6 was pieced together using elements from Angelic Pretty's print Cinema Doll.

I made a second lace stock if anyone is interested!