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I'm drafting up ideas for the new Valle Lacrimarum story. I was thinking of possibly throwing Amelia into an academy! Actually, putting her in an academy was one of my original ideas for Valle Lacrimarum, but I abandoned the idea at the last minut...

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Amelia Cosplay!

Inspired by izuzu15's cosplay pack posts!
The dress is from the brand Mary Magdalene, the shoes are Angelic Pretty, and the hime wig is from GLW! GLW actually stopped selling that particular style though so I'm bummed.
Unless the dress was custom made, it would be pretty hard to find one that looked exactly like Amelia's. I feel like her favorite lolita brand would be Mary Magdalene though!

Lace border stock from here!
These cosplay packs should become a thing on theO. It would be neat to see what other people come up with for their OC's!

age meme

i love doing memes, their alot of fun!

full view here and blank meme here

Valle Lacrimarum

So I am writing a new tale called Valle Lacrimarum.

Its about a girl named Amelia who meets with good and bad fortune. Amelia had been living with her godmother since she was about 12 or 13. She was very sheltered in that strict home. During the last years of her godmothers life, Amelia was the only one to look after the sickly woman. Much to the jealousy of other relatives, Amelia inherited everything. Because of her strict upbringing, Amelia was reserved and cold. Realizing that she was now utterly alone in the world, she gained the ability to see the archangel of death, Azriel who is also terribly lonely.
Azriel carries hourglasses which represents the time span of a humans life. When the sand runs out, your obviously dead. When Amelia's time begins to run out, Azriel breaks her glass, stopping her time completely. In other words, Amelia will not age or die. This however, leaves her soul free for the taking by any angel or demon no matter how saintly Amelia is. When a demon named Damianus learns Amelia's secret, he makes a bet with Azriel. If Amelia can make it through three mazes then he will leave her in peace. If she fails, then her soul is at the mercy of Damianus.

That's what I have so far. I haven't forgotten Monarchy X Anarchy or Petite Affairs of Natalya, it's just that I've been in a rut lately and thought beginning a short story would be refreshing.