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Holy Hot Sistas

Dis be some pic from when we went to da clubs. I'm the one with a mohawk in a green tutu and the other two girls are my sisters.

We went to Elekticity last night which is a black light dance club. My nails and tutu were like green light bulbs in the black light!
I finally got a chance to wear my new lipstick out: Vamp It Up by Wet& Wild. It's pretty good and only cost like $2. It is matte so if you have dry or wrinkly lips you'll need some sort of lip gloss to smooth it out. I got mine at Meijers but I saw it at Rite-Aid too. It isn't pure black, it's more like an extremely deep purple which is perfect for me but the ultra goth types might prefer a black.

It's been a long time!

I decided to compare the difference in art of Valle Lacrimarum from a the second chapter a year and a half ago until now: ...

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I thought I lost everything!

My computer was attacked by a nasty virus so I googled how to fix that mess and read that I had to do a system restore. Silly me pressed F10 on startup and did a destructive system recovery. I again googled the problem and learned that I might loo...

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Free Lace Stock

I have seven different types of lace here (all of which are seamless) that are free to use for whatever you like!

Most of the laces are generic stuff that is mass produced in China but #5 is a lace pattern from Innocent World. #6 was pieced together using elements from Angelic Pretty's print Cinema Doll.

I made a second lace stock if anyone is interested!

From izuzu15's activity book!

I finished four pages from izuzu15's Excel in Cipherland activity book! ...

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