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Natalya Cosplay!

Another post inspired by izuzu15's cosplay pack posts!
The dress is Victorian Maiden, the bonnet is Innocent World, the shoes are from Metamorphoses Temps de Fille, The wig is from ebay, and the coffin purse by Demonia.

Lace border stock available here!
Next up will be Alistair's cosplay pack. I wish other people would make cosplay packs of their OC's, it's fun to see what you can come up with while trying to piece together an outfit similar to your character's.

Amelia Cosplay!

Inspired by izuzu15's cosplay pack posts!
The dress is from the brand Mary Magdalene, the shoes are Angelic Pretty, and the hime wig is from GLW! GLW actually stopped selling that particular style though so I'm bummed.
Unless the dress was custom made, it would be pretty hard to find one that looked exactly like Amelia's. I feel like her favorite lolita brand would be Mary Magdalene though!

Lace border stock from here!
These cosplay packs should become a thing on theO. It would be neat to see what other people come up with for their OC's!


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Screw IOUs

So someone on DA was interested in my Star Fox cosplay and, well... here is how the conversation went down:

Them: "How did you make that? I want one."
Me: "If you want one you should learn to sew like me or you could commission someone to make it for you"
Them: "Okay, can you make one for me?"
Me: "It will cost you a pretty penny but if you are serious you can send me a note."
Them: "Well, I don't have any money right now so can I get it now? I will pay you like 200 for it."

Are you serious?! How many people like this am I going to run into? I mean, it was bad enough being called an 'uncivil, mercenary artist' because I didn't agree with another guy's trade, but now someone wants me to make them a free costume and I'll just hope they pay me back when they get the money? Sorry pal, but I don't deal in IOU's, that is just not how commissions work.

Happy Valentines Day!

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I have a new squish. As one girl on tumblr put it, "I left that theater wanting to be defiled"