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some one please help me out!!!!

i need a full body screen shot of artemis from moon phase!
i cant find one, and i need to make her costume before the anime convention next week! originally i was going to go as cheza from wolfs rain but my costume hasn't arrived yet and there is only a week left! there is no way i can manage chezas outfit in a week but i can make artes dress in one night if i have all the material and accessories!

Natalya's last name.

I don't know which last name to give Natalya: Gustovna or Charnetskaya. Gustovna was the first choice but I think Charnetskaia is prettier. The male version to Charnetskaia is Charnetskii, which I think is ugly, but I don't think Gustov is very Russian. I have been so idecisive lately...

Which cutsew should I choose?

Christmas is coming soon and I was wanting to get some new lolita clothes. I recently discovered two cutsews for sale on other sites, but I don't know which one to get. ...

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thinking of a new title for duchess in dreamland

I'm going to change the name of my comic. The reason is because Natalya is a Grand Duchess, not a Duchess. There is a difference, a Grand Duchess is higher than a Duchess. Also, Grand Duchess in Dreamland isn't as catchy as Duchess in Dreamland. Here are a few other titles I was thinking of:

  • Fantastic Doll
  • Monarchy X Anarchy
  • Sweet Dreamer
  • The Grand Duchess
  • Lullaby of Natalya
  • The Fantasist
  • Melodic Doll
  • Aristocrats Fantasia

I thought about making a Russian title too, for example, instead of Fantastic Doll I would use Fantastichyeskaya Kukla but when transliterated like that in English it looks like gibberish.
I'd really like to use the word fantasia as part of the title because it could be taken as a musical composition or a fantasy, both are relevant to the story. I also like fantastic and doll but I want to keep it simple, nothing like The Tale of a Living Doll and Her Knights.

Throughout my story there is a power struggle between the monarchists and anarchists, but in the end it all boils down to bringing the world out of sleep. I suppose with a story like this there would be alot of flexibility for a title but I'm just so indecisive!

CrestFallen Era summary

Avantasia was the princess of a cold, dark country. Even though one would think a princess had everything she ever wanted or needed, there was one thing Avantasia didn't have. She wanted to be alone. All she ever wanted was peace and quiet, but ...

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