Hello, my name is Angeline. My deviantart account is Michelangeline; if you are interested doing an art trade or commissioning something from me check out my rates!

Dear Secret Santa!!!

Dear SS, this year I would like either:
A drawing of Amelia from my webcomic, Valle Lacrimarum, having a tea party with Lady Venetia, and Azriel.
Or a drawing of Ganondorf from Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess.
Or of Dr. Strange from Marvel comics doing something... magical.

lol, I read the rules but totally didn't add three options! XD

I got a deviantart account!

so like i finally got one. nothing is there yet but i'll try to get something there soon. my username is sympatichnaczarina but i would've chosen mrs. dragmire if it wasn't already taken!

*I Need Your Help!!!*

I hate to write this but I'm looking for a publisher for my comics. I'll be writing sample chapters of my stories to send to publishers and was wondering what I could do to improve my comics. This means I want constructive criticism. Take this for example: "I like the way you draw __________ but I would suggest working on _________ and _________. Try this or that instead." If something needs improvement, tell me what it is and how I could possibly fix it. If something is good, tell me why its good and I will try to improve that too. I'd like some suggestions regarding these particular subjects aswell:

  • Should I change the font?
  • Should I try harder to make the paneling straighter? (No wait, nevermind. God knows this needs to be done)
  • Should I switch the direction in which the story is read?
  • Should I add more backgrounds?
  • Should I do less screen tones?

Keep in mind that I am NOT looking for a list of publishing companies. I would greatly appreciate your help!

Back from the Youmacon!

I'm back! It was alot of fun but because of my lack of money, I had to break my four year old tradition of buying a cute stuffed animal every time I attend. Atleast I got two really cute rings from Paradise Rose and Tasty Peach Studio!

It was the first year that I found a Ganondorf cosplay and even though he wasn't the Ganon from Twilight Princess, I was still happy (because, you know, Ganondorf is my husband). In previous years we saw a zillion Wolf's Rain cosplayers but this time it was just me and an illusive Hige. There also wasn't a lolita photoshoot (or Nintendo!) like last year though there were plenty of lolis.
If you wanna see some more pictures of my Cheza cosplay, check out my album.

Youmacon 2011

I'm going to the Youmacon tomorrow so I won't be on theOtaku for 3-4 days. I'm almost finished with my Cheza cosplay and its looking pretty good. Is anyone else going to be there?