Omg! Cake: the Basis of Life

Cake. The basis of life. People will not know the full wonders of it until they have actually tasted it sweet, delectable goodness. The pink frosting carefully entwined with the white, along the borders. The creamy white roses with gently sprinkled rainbow pieces. The loving message engraved on the top of the cake, just above the core of happiness. The layers upon layers of rich vanilla (or chocolate or strawberry or other flavor) cake slathered with delicious frosting. The tropical fruit that just can't wait to be eaten. Ice cream on the side melting with your breath. The calories? Carbs? Fat? Why worry? Its cake! Cake is happiness. Everyone deserves to be happy. (Cake controls your happiness. If its able to control a person's emotions, it has the ability to rule the world. Don't underestimate cake.)