If L had lived.......

My thoughts on what would happen if L had lived. (Light's death doesn't matter. The world's better off )

Let's say L was supposed to die at hmmm......11:45 am on March 27, 2009. What would happen if he figured out a way to negate the Death Note's effect.

"I've got it," L exclaimed. "I've figured out how to subdue the Death Note's effect. I'm unsure how long this may last though," he said as he placed a mirror inside the pages of his Death Note.
"As long as I have this mirror, I might somehow 'reflect' Kira's power," L said as he bit his thumb. Then he looked at a large screen which showed a close-up of Light's head. 2%. That percentage ruminated in L's mind.
"Logically, the chance of Light being Kira is 2%. However, my intuition tells me something else. I feel like he is Kira," he pondered. "Wata.....," but before he could finish, a sharp pain jolted across his chest. It felt as if a knife with electric blades had slashed its way through his heart. With all of his strength, he reached for his Death Note that held the mirror. The pain had stopped instantaneously. It would now be reflected onto Kira, he thought.
L looked at the computer screen. Sure enough, Light was clutching his chest, gasping for air. L's eyes narrowed. This was no trick. This was Light dying. This was Kira dying. Then Light dropped to the floor, his eyes open, fixed upon an invisible being. His lips moved, slightly with no words coming out. After that, he laid there for 10 minutes, without moving. Suddenly, Mr. Yagami came sprinting across the hall after his dead son. He screamed hysterically while cursing at the ceiling. Tears, streamed from his eyes. (Author's Note: I couldn't remember if Light's dad died before or after L died. Just go with the flow and pretend I'm right.)
L turned off his computer and spun his chair around. "This would be awkward if Mr. Yagami found out I was watching his son die for 10 minutes without doing anything about it." Then he picked up a small camcorder and set it on his desk. He attached 5 wires to the ulterior. He turned it on and found himself on his own monitor. Not only was he on his own monitor, he was broadcasting to the world similtaniously, regardless of timezones.
"I have defeated Kira," L proclaimed in a voice deeper than his own. "He is no longer a threat to criminals or their families. The identity will be kept confidential even to those of the United Nations. I will not say anymore except that you should return to your normal lives without worry. That is all."
He turned off the power and sighed. Now what will I do? L wondered. This Kira business has taken 2 years. Is it time I retire? They have already found my successors. Questions raveged through L's brain.
"Maybe I should start my own candy store and bakery," L grinned. "I'll still investigate from behind the shadows like I've always done. Only I'll stay in Japan and do it locally," L decided. "I think the first thing on the menu for my new bakery will be something to honor Light. The Kira Kupcake has a nice ring to it. So does the Death by Death Note Chocolate Cake. Maybe the Shinigami Shortcake?" L softly chuckled to himself.


I hoped everyone liked it. I was having fun making the names of the sweets L would be selling. I'm quite fond of Shinigami Shortcake. I can imagine it being a personal sized treat and square. It would have black frosting with a strawberry on top. The inside would be vanilla flavored and spongey with a layer of strawberry flavored whipped cream.