Spirit of Halloween

A lone wolf howls at the full moon
Leaves dance around the trees as in some sort of ritual ceremony
The stars above twinkle dimly but not in comparison to the bright moon
Shadows can be seen skipping about on the side of an abandoned building
Children masquerade in the dead of night
In hopes of receiving the most chocolates and caramels
At the edge of town is an elderly woman with a flowing black cloak and a tall pointed hat
She feeds her matching cat, Kuro, a sickly green treat
It purrs in delight as it licks its lips from remaining crumbs
Young goblins horseplay in a neighboring farm
Leaving chaos and mischief where there used to be prosperity
Vampires are let out of their not-so-eternal graves
Seeking their next victim
Someone not old and overripe, someone not young and not yet ripe, but a young adult, in their prime. Red blood and a speedy pulse.
Each terrifying creature creeps near.
Do not fear the inevitable. Soon the spirit of Halloween will take you away.