The Kawaii Katacombs is a world where the creepiest yet most adorablest things come alive! Enter if you dare~!

Our first story begins with Ami. A new girl from California who needs to make friends. She moves to New York because her father is a businessman (on business) When she arrives at school instead of receiving a warm welcome, she is greeted by dozens of cold glares. As uneasy as she seems at that moment she tries her best to make friends but instead of the usual "tell me about yourself kind of thing" she lies and says she's a vampire. That's when it all began for Ami.....

"You're a vampire?" said a girl in disbelief.
"Yup" lied Ami in a proud manner.
"Then how come you can say in the light?" asked another curious student.
"I'm uhhh special like that," lied Ami again.
You sure are, thought a boy in the back of the class. This boy was the real vampire in the story. His name is Christophe Mercutio aka Chris. Chris doesn't make any friends due to his polite, gentleman-like demeanor. Chris is the kind of kid who likes tinkering with antiques from the 1700's. (If any there was a kid)
Suddenly, a pulse ravaged through Chris's body. Fangs began to grow in the bright sunlight gleaming through the window, sunrays refracting off of the monsterous teeth.A red aura surrounded him. Only he could see the demonic aura that engulfed his body and mind. He had no control. He slowly creeped toward the flock of girls waiting for his vampiric instinct to grip the flesh of his next victim.
Just then, a piece of chalk swiveled past the girls and hit Chris dirctly on his forehead leaving a whiteish, blueish streak on his face.
"Sit down everyone. Class has begun" said a very P.O. teacher.
* * *
6 hours past by gradually until the end of the day. An exausted Chris lay at the back of the room half asleep. Then the bell finally rang.
"Class dismissed" said the teacher who was equally worn out.
Ami began packing away her books. She was about to go home alone. Her lies didn't work and now she was worse off than when she came. Chris was also in the room. It was just them. Chris manevuered his way through the rows of desks and whispered over Ami's shoulder in a menacing voice.....
"You are indeed special, my princess"
The creepy voice echoed through Ami's head. Red eyes stared through her soul as she tilted her neck and blushed profusely as the vampire sank his teeth into the other "special vampire".
"A rose just as sweet right my princess?" he gurgled a small amount of blood as he said this line.
Ami's eyes turned as white as the full moon and her hair grew down to her knees and turned into a wave of dark blonde hair like the stars on the darkest night. Fangs slowly began to protude from her mouth cutting her lip as they grew. The day turned to twilight and then to pitch black in in less than a minute. The transformation was complete.
Ami gripped her neck as the wound began to heal itself. A rose tattoo covered the teethmarks still left behind. Chris smiled and fainted simultaneously as Ami did after her completion.
* * *
When Ami awoke, she was in the nurse's office along with Chris. A blanket of blood filled her shirt. When the nurse came in, he acted like this was just a regular case of dehydration. It was as if the blood soaked clothing had never been blood soaked at all. That's when Ami remembered that abrasive bite. She felt her neck. All that was there was some soft tissue and in the mirror was that rose tattoo.
"You were lucky Ms Ami", said the nurse.
"If Ms Hanson hadn't come in to correct extra papers, I'm afraid you might have been de-"
"I know! I know! I might have been in trouble for not doing homework" interrupted Ami. She didn't want to hear the word dead. Afterall, after a bite like that, aren't all vampires dead? She looked at Chris who was still sleeping soundly on a cot in the next room. Then she checked her pulse. It was still beating! How can that be!?!?! Then she felt her heart. It was beating but barely. It ws like she was dead, but had been revived by something. The nurse's office had no electicutor thingys and the nurse would never have arrived on time anyway. How was it that Ami was still alive? It can only mean one thing. Or maybe a few things. Either Chris revived her via his vampire abilities (even though he had no reason after he drained her shriveled corpse), Ami revived herself (even though it is extremely rare for a once dead person to comeback on their own) or Ms. Hanson the teacher did something weird to save Ami's life and Chris's soul.....

Spirit of Halloween

A lone wolf howls at the full moon
Leaves dance around the trees as in some sort of ritual ceremony
The stars above twinkle dimly but not in comparison to the bright moon
Shadows can be seen skipping about on the side of an abandoned building
Children masquerade in the dead of night
In hopes of receiving the most chocolates and caramels
At the edge of town is an elderly woman with a flowing black cloak and a tall pointed hat
She feeds her matching cat, Kuro, a sickly green treat
It purrs in delight as it licks its lips from remaining crumbs
Young goblins horseplay in a neighboring farm
Leaving chaos and mischief where there used to be prosperity
Vampires are let out of their not-so-eternal graves
Seeking their next victim
Someone not old and overripe, someone not young and not yet ripe, but a young adult, in their prime. Red blood and a speedy pulse.
Each terrifying creature creeps near.
Do not fear the inevitable. Soon the spirit of Halloween will take you away.