i created this world because it said if i create a world, i can post art but it didn't work -.-
but im just going to write stuff here every now and then.........if i remember


omg i've been trying to post drawings here but it's not working
it keeps telling me that it's too big or too small
can someone help me?

my break?

im going to mexico for a month but idk if i'll be able to post art here
but i have a DA account and there's more of a chance i'll post art/pictures there
so if you want to see some of my drawings and pictures my username for DA is deadghostwolf13


im kinda busy right now but im trying to post my drawings as soon as i can
i have like 2 or 3.......mabey 4 or more to post =/
but i usually forget to post them so......yea.....
anyways skool is almost over
i only need 5 more skool days and until it ends
so when skool ends i'll probally post as much as i can until i go to mexico which is june 5
but i might post something during the weekend

any suggestions?

man i always forget to write here.......
but the 3rd quarter just endedand i have a little more free time
i wanna draw something but im not exactly sure what to draw ^^*
so if any of you peope want me to draw anything, i'l probally do it
and i forgot what else i was going to say ^^*
so yeah
just comment if you have any suggestions or stuff

Damn Numbs 10 ;DThats Whats Up

haha on sunday the 17th was soo much fun
i woke up at 5 cuz i was going to go to a field trip(from this one classs i have) to a museum
we were going to leave at 7:30am sharp and we did
it was boring but what kinda made it not boring was the tour guide had a sexy british accent
then we saw the rich houses on our way to the part so we can eat
we ate subway ;D
and there was a baseball game with dudes in it and me,my cousin and friends were like "damn # *we say some rondom #* and the guys turned around and look at us
one of them said something( # 10) but we were kracking up so much
we like past by them like more than 15 times and kept saying "Ay Yo Numba 10, thats whats up "
and them he waved at us but said more styff but again we were kracking up too much to hear
theni it started to sprinkle so we had to go back home
but it was sooo fun/funny
p.s. # 10 wasn't rreally like what we cosidered "hot" but we kept saying his # for fun